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Beautiful Akshara hassan in Black Dress

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Beautiful Akshara hassan in Black Dress 

Model and Actress Sadia Mahi bald in her Debut Film

September 01, 2019 0

Model and Actress Sadia Mahi gave her  Hair Removal in her Debut Film. He is set to make a big screen debut for the Character needed in the release of padmapurran, directed by Rashid Palash..


Begeinning a career with Modeling, Sadiamahi's First Film Padmapuran. The Young women played three characters in film debut the lives of people in Padmati. Taka has becoe a long-suffering young women in need of character. The film'd first look poster was released on tuesday. SadiaMahi is seen in the poster in the same way.The Poster has been highly praised by the creato. Sadiamahi has come under discussion. She spoke to Glietz about the Source , and told her about her hair loss experience.

"When I do what I do very well" he said. Even when I was modeling I tried to do it very well. Ever since I was involved in the movie 'Padmapuran', I have been very serious towards the Character. For almost a year and a half, I did no other Job. Got ready I knew I had to drop my hair. There was also mental preparation. But I never felt like losing My hair was a great Loss."


Yet when the hair was being cut in the shooting, Water came to his eyes. He did not even see himself in the mirror for two days. During the Shooting, he was often unconscious.

Sadiamahi Said, "I was ready. But when the hair was getting cut Iwas feeling very important in a girl's Life. Water was pouring from eyes. I didn't even look in the mirror for two days." Sadiamahi still could not return to her normal career due to her hair fall. The hair is getting bigger, the movie is getting closer to release day.


Mahi said " Iam getting a lot of response after the release of the Poster. Everyone is sayingmnvery positive. I also reduced my work for the Movie. So it's not too bad this time. I hope I get good results." As seen in the film, Sadiamahi will be seen as a Shikhandi Character, But she will be caught as a smuggler and a women smuggling across the border. The Character of pregnat women can also bee seen.


About is, creator Rashid Palash said, "The girl has done well. Ok, We put a lot of effort into the Story. We could not have done this film without anyone other than Sadia. He had to pay heavy labor during the shooting. Not Allowed to sleep they were kept in the sun. At the end of the day, when he was pulled out of his head, he was repeatedly losing knowledge. That day, When we were unconscious, we drowned him in river. I wish him sucess."

Champa and Shampa Reza are playing two important roles besides Sadiamahi in the movie 
movie 'Padmaapuran' made by the story of Padmanandi's evolution. Also seen are Prasun Azda, BipashaKabit, Kayes Chowdhry, Shimul Khan in Exceptional Character.

The Producer said the film is set to release October this Year.