Sunday 16 February 2020

Secretary Mano Long hair cut for Offical

February 16, 2020 0
Secretary Mano Long hair cut for Offical

Hello sir, Did you call me sir?

Yes mano... there is in the client wants to finalize the deal and they want you to close with  them by tommorow..

Oh.. Wow supperb sir, I will defenetly do it..

Good mano, but there is one problem.. The client want to me to send you in a special look.

Oh, What is it sir?

Well, He is great lover for of short hair ladies, and wants to you sport a short hair cut.

What? are they Crazy? They want me get my hair cut to short?

Yes Mano.. That this their condition to close their deal..

But sir, How can I do it? How can I cut my long hair? I love my hair so much...!

We all Love you her mano.. Infact the Entire office admires your long thick beautiful Hair... But mano this deal is more important than your hair. It will again grow back. But if we loose the deal it won't come back.

I can understand sir, But I don't cut my Hair..

Look Mano.. The entire office is looking up to you..its your great chance to prove yourself. If you can close the deal by cutting short your hair, I will be pleased, and raised your salary. You cut your hair, and get many benifits.

That is really kind of you sir! But... But...

Please understand Mano... No more if's and But. You are going to cut your hair and that's Final. I have asked the barber to come at 9'o clock tomorrow. You come in time and  and I will give the Hair Cut right here in my Office.

here? in the office? you will cut my hair in the office?

Yeah Mano, Right here in my room...

Ok Sir!

Mano returns to her desk, her friends asks why the reason she is crying. Mano said the deal conditions..

Don't worry dear..It's all right.. it will be grow again.

Yes Mano, We love your long hair,  and will ofcourse we miss it. but you must obey the Boss's order.  You have to Cut you hair. 

Don't Worry, You will look great in a short hair cut.

Of course. and I am sure the boss must have called a very good hairstylist. He will you have a great look. Don't worry mano. your hair will grow again.. please consider obey the boss order.

I just imagine.. He will cut my hair Tomorrow.

Next Day Morning 9 AM in the Office

Sir, I have arrived in time? May I come in?

Yes Come in Mano... The Barber is waiting for you..!

Oh My God..! He will cut my Hair..!

Yes sir.. I am ready..

Ok this is the Lady. Now give her a good short hair cut. and remember I want you cut to all her hair. And give her a sleek and sexy look. 

Sure sir.. I will cut off all her hair, and give her a real tight short hair cut. Come mam, Please sit here. Take off your Ear rings. Let's Start.

Be careful, The hair must fall on her saree.

Don't worry sir. I will put this cape on her. That will prevent the falling her from runing her saree. Come mam sit. My hair will cut it now. 

Mano sits on the Chair. The barber put the cape on her. She is being prepared for the Hair Cut. Mano had a very long hair. But Now all her hair will be cut off. While the barber gets her ready for the hair cut. The boss stand by, and keeps a close watch.

Oh  god.. I just can't Imagine, this is really happening to me.. all my lovely hair is about to be cut off.

Mano.. Just remember.. The office will not forget your sacrifice. We are cutting your hair so that  we can love a great hope to our employees.

Yes Sir, I am honored to receive such a responsibility. Even if that i mean lossing my hair. Thank you choosing me.

Great Mano... Ok Mr. Barber you may start your work.

Mano is now about to get her hair cut short. She can here the scissors snipping its blades, ready to run across her beautiful tresses. She had a long silky hair. She used to tied a beautiful bun, or a braid or keep it long hanging on her back. But now she is to loose all of it. The Barber will cut her hair short and she will be made ready to attend her duty.

So the Barber start his work. The scissors starts snipping her long tresses.and the loose cut off hair comes to the barber's hand. 

Oh.. god.. I can feel it. he is snipping my hair. My beautiful her.. he is snipping my hair... Oh.. hair

The boss console Mano 

it's all right Mano... it's Almost over. Just a few snips over..its ok... you will look great in short hair style. your hair is beautiful wethewether it's long or short..We all love it.

its done mama... here it's your long hair...

Boss said, Give it to me. I will put up in  the front office. So that all my employees may learn from it. That the office comes first before anything else. And now Mano contribute to the office. 

Wow.. great idea Sir.

Yah.. Now carry on withyour work. Give her a really short hair cut.

So the barber continues the work.. All office employees come in to the boss cabin. And all over watch the Mano's hair cut. 


This sound only after a few minutes. barber finished his work.

And hear is your girl Sir..Are you satisfied? it's ok? or shall I go more short?

Mano Watching her new look in the Mirror. 

Oh. my God... what has he done to me? I just can't recognize myself. Oh.. my hair it's all gone. I can't believe this. 

Boss said... This is final.. This is the perfect hair cut for mano.
Mano you look great and so young in short hair style. The client will be very happy. Now getup. it's Almost time. Get the files and get moving. The client is waiting for you.

After the few hour... Mano finalize the deal. 

All of you, Give a huge clap for mano. her hair will always hang here and remind us our duty and commitment. Wel done Mano. of course you will look great in short lhair style.

Thank you sir. it's a great privilege for me. I shall always try to be this faithful to you and to the office.