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Young Girl Head Shave at Male Barber Shop

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Young Girl Head Shave at Male Barber Shop
Andhra Girl fulfill her Vow for God 

Nepale Actress and Model Surakshya Panta Shave her head for Movie

October 18, 2019 0
Surakshya Panta is a Nepalese Actress and Model. Se deputed as an actress from Alok Nebangs 2015 Ajai Pani is a supporting role. Surakshya Panta made her acting debut with late Alok Nembangs last film Ajhai Pani where she played the role of Shalini in the supporting role alongside sudherson Thapa and Pooja Sharma. 

Surakshya Panta Bald Photos Click the Link  Surakshya Panta Bald Head Photos

Now she acting a new film "Aama" directed by Dependra K Khanal. Last week Dependra K Khanal released the Movie First Look Poster. The Poster Features Surakshya Panda who has balded her head on one side.The posters are provided below. The film will have the story of a mother and her daughter.

The movie is going to be under the presentation of DS Digital. Suryamala Khanal will play the character mother in the film where Surakshya Panta will be her Daughter. Surakshya panta has been seen on all the movies directed by Dependra.

The Major Coasts of the Movie other than Suryamala and Surakshya Panta are DeshbhaktaKhanal, SaritaGiri, Aashant Sharma, Manish Niraula and PadamBudha. Likewise, it will be released on 21st Feb 2020.

"Aama" Movie is not a biopic movie but displays the struggle of a particular person mention director Khanal. The cinema stars KhagendraLamichhane, Rabindra Singh Baniya and BipinKarki.




The director Deependra K Khanal, who directed a successful film like 'Pashupati Prasad' and lived in the mind of the audience, has been made public. SharmilaPandey made this film, which went to cinematography, taking the name of 'Mama', the first film made in Nepal. The main cast of the film is Mithila Sharma and Sakthi Pant. Security is seen in the semi-head.

The public poster can be expected to shave off the social culture by shaving off the hair for the mother herself. The film is releasing on February 2. This film is going to be created under the banner of DS Digital. It will have the lead roles of Patriots Khanal, SaritaGiri, Ashant Sharma, Manish Niraula, PadamBudha. The film is directed by Khanal himself.