Wednesday 8 April 2020

Young Girl' bald story

April 08, 2020 0
She is a young beautiful girl. Like every teenager she had her set of problems. She was having a tough time fighting with her inhibition and emotional problems. She was fighting her depression.

She started of by going to a salon and getting a new look for herself. So she went to the salon and asked the stylist to give her a fresh new look. She was ready to let go off the length and came out of the salon with nice short bluntbob cut.

She was happy for a few days but her head ace continued. She continued to feel sad and depressed after those few days of happiness.

One day she came back from the market and went to her room and closed the door. She took out the scissors and razor from the drawer and went to the bathroom.

She placed the scissors and the razor on the basin and saw herself in the mirror. She was ready to a big change in her look. She took the scissors in her hand placed the blades close to her scalp.

Her mind was juggling between millions of thoughts. About her problems and the society and her family's reaction to what she was about to do.

She finally took a deep breath and when the thoughts of her pain and depression came in her head. She snipped of the big chunk of her hair and the hair fell on her feet. She felt free that very second. She was feeling a sense of fresh beginnings.

She didn't stopped after that. She chopped her all hair and shaved her hair with a razor. She shaved it completely smooth twice with the razor. She had a big smile on her face.

She came out and her brother saw her and started shouting to bring her parents to schold her. But her dad was calm and told her that it's OK. She is looking fine. While her mother's reaction was dramatic she shouted on her asking her a million questions as to why she went to bald. But later in a few days she got used to it.

We have seen a lot of girls go through similar situation. Depression is a really bad thing and if shaving your head liberates you then do it and if anyone in your farm wants to do it then support her!
Your peace in mind is more important than your hair. So please be sensitive to people.