Sunday, 26 June 2022

How to choose a good hair straightener

The hair straightener has come to revolutionize the way we straighten our hair, achieving a great effect in a very simple way. But for our hair to be really smooth and without waves, it is not only necessary to use a good technique, but it is also important to choose a good device, in this way we guarantee not only the desired appearance but also the health of our hair. That's why at we give you some tips so you can easily discover how to choose a good hair straightener.


Steps to follow:

1 The choice of the ideal hair straightener will depend largely on your needs, for example, some girls only iron their bangs so they need a small and simple device, while others use it for all their hair, which is also long and abundant, it will require a larger and more effective plate, so take into account the use you will give it to select the best product.


2 Just as the dryer must have degrees of heat and speeds, it is important that the iron you choose also has different temperatures to be able to regulate it and use the most convenient depending on the moment, prefer those that range from 80º to 220º maximum.


3 It is essential to choose a product that is light and easy to handle so that you can get the best effect when straightening your hair, also take into account that the cable must be strong, resistant, and preferably easy to turn without getting tangled, so it will keep in better condition.


4 At first, irons with metal plates were very popular, but later technology took a step forward, and now the most recommended are ceramic plates that damage your hair less, cause fewer breakages and keep it in better condition. Of course, products of this type are a little more expensive, but the investment is really worth it, especially if you plan to use the iron to straighten your hair frequently. If the plate moves instead of being rigid, much better because in this way you can use it to make hairstyles.



5. If the iron has a much better switch, this way you can turn it on and off without the need to constantly unplug it. Remember that the higher the technology, the higher the price you will pay, but if it is an artifact that you will use very frequently, it is worth investing in quality.


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