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How to cut fringes at home and avoid Disaster!

Bangs are in fashion. And also cut your hair "by yourself". The formula sounds explosive, but do you dare to try it? If your answer is yes and you identify with the command of the brave, at Batiste we have prepared some super simple “step by step” for you to cut your bangs in the tranquility of your home.

Since cutting your bangs is one of the most maintenance-intensive cuts, getting your adventurous hands to become experts will save you the money and time of recurring trips to the salon. In addition, we also explain what is the type of bangs that best suits you according to the shape of your face and endless tips that will be fabulous for you. Promise, right? Try one of the most “in” hairstyles of the moment! Are you ready?


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First of all… do you favor the bangs?

Did you know that bangs are one of the most used resources by stylists to rejuvenate a face? Do not hesitate if you want to get a few years off, although unfortunately it does not suit all types of physiognomies. Pay attention to the recommendations of professionals!


  • Who do we advise to wear bangs? Generally to all types of oval and long, angular and semi-round faces, as they help reduce the dimensions of the face. In the same way, it is ideal for people who have a long and/or wide forehead, as well as those who have a pronounced nose, since it also softens the features.

  • Who should avoid bangs? It does not favor people who have little hair density, with fine hair or very curly hair. Nor to those with many swirls at the hairline, as well as those with a reduced forehead or face.


But what kind of fringe suits you best?

This list is super useful to discover what type of bangs suits you best according to the shape of your face. Straight, sideways, open, paraded… which one do you prefer?


  • Round face: light bangs that fall to the side.

  • Elongated face: thick, straight or lopsided bangs to soften the angles.

  • Oval face: you're in luck, all in! Short, long, straight, uneven, lopsided...

  • Square face: lopsided bangs that soften the features.

  • Triangular face: sideways layered bangs that cover the forehead.


For those of you who like adventures… At Batiste we have also written about “The haircut that best suits you according to the shape of your face”. What are you waiting for?


How to cut straight bangs


Straight bangs are perfect for people who want to highlight features and enhance beautiful eyes. It is widely used in bob cuts or, on the contrary, in long and straight hair. Follow our step by step!


  1. If you are cutting your bangs from scratch, define a triangle from your eyebrows and back towards the center of your head. The further the triangle extends back, the thicker the bangs will be.

  2. If it is the first time you bet on bangs, keep the area you are going to cut dry, without any ripples. On the other hand, if what you need is to trim an existing bang, it can be useful to wet that strand a little to make sure that it is going in the right direction. A hair straightener can also help you get your bangs absolutely straight.

  3. Set the length of your bangs. Straight bangs can have many styles, but the most "trendy" is the one that is cut flush with the eyebrows. Without a doubt, a very sexy bet and only suitable for daring!

  4. Start with cutting the bangs. Take the selected hair between your index and middle fingers and create a straight line with them. Now you just have to cut, with a lot of patience, to the desired length. It is important that you keep in mind that if you cut on wet hair, it tends to shrink later.

  5. Perfect the cut. Check that all the hair of the bangs is in place, forming a straight line (with practice it will be more and more) at the height you have marked.



How do I cut a fringe sideways


The option of wearing a fringe on the side is very practical, even in hairstyles with wavy or curly hair, because it is easy to style and does not give as much heat as straight fringes. Everything seems to be advantageous, ready?


  1. After combing your hair, draw a triangle that borders your eyebrows on the side and in the center of your head. The further the triangle extends back, the thicker the bangs will be.

  2. Pick up your bangs with a rubber band and do the same with the rest of your hair, to prevent it from bothering you. It will also help you to check your skills as a hairdresser: are you sure the triangle is well defined?

  3. Pin your bangs to the opposite side of where you want them to be. For example, if your hair naturally falls to the left, pin the bangs to the right and vice versa.

  4. Cut your bangs in parts, as it will give you a better result. First, separate a section of about 2.5 cm near your nose and hold it so that it is flat. When you do this, you'll create a diagonal edge that tells you where your bangs will be shortest. This will be your guide. You see cutting, so that the previous section is aligned with the later one, that is to say, that it maintains the same angle.

  5. Assess, touch up and style your bangs. Put your bangs in the final position, check the angles of the cut, and if there are any uneven parts. If you see any flaws, little by little touch up the ends until they are all even. Finally, comb it with the help of a thick brush and a heat source, either a hair dryer or a hair straightener.


How to cut open bangs

It is one of the most comfortable bangs to wear. And also to do! And if not, tell the young influencer Camila Bravo, who has revolutionized social networks with her open fringe cut in just 15 seconds!


It is worth learning her technique to cut open bangs, with a result that stands out for its naturalness and simplicity. Curiosity piqued?


How to cut fringe bangs

It is the proposal for our most crazy followers. We, in particular, have stolen our hearts. But, as you know, variety is the spice! oh! The parted bangs can be done in both straight bangs and side bangs.


Follow steps 1-4 for the side bangs.

Once you have it ready, it's time to play with the scissors and knit / parade to your liking!


Tips to wear a perfect fringe

Daring! Do not forget to follow these recommendations to maintain your bangs and show off an enviable look. Yes, yes… from now on you will be called the hairstyle star.


  • Touch up the ends every 2-3 weeks.

  • Since bangs tend to get dirtier than the rest of your hair because they're in contact with your skin, wash your bangs more often. In this case, it can come in handy to use Batiste dry shampoo. What are you waiting for to discover its advantages? Do not miss our post "The definitive guide to dry shampoo!" and “How to apply dry shampoo and get the most out of it!”

  • To keep your bangs at bay, you should know that drying is the key. The trick of the stylists is to control the air and heat of the dryer very well to prevent it from getting frizzy and losing its natural fall. For curly hair, it is vital to work the bangs with a large brush.

  • If we are tired of showing off our bangs, there are tricks that will allow us to control them until they grow: take them to one side with the help of accessories, all the way back with a “wet look” or with a headband, hold them up like a toupee… And long live the imagination!


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