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How to make a high bow in five steps

Attention bun addicts! At Batiste, we give you the keys, in a complete tutorial, so that you can get one of the great celebrity classics on your own. Guess what? It is an updo that triumphs both on the catwalks and on the red carpet: the high bun.


Also known as a ballerina bun or top knot, it is a super versatile hairstyle that you can wear at any special event or with your best work outfit, among other occasions. Do not miss our step by step to make a high bun and become a true queen style!


Why resort to the high bun?


  • It is a very flattering updo because you will look slimmer as you gain height. In addition, by removing the hair from the face and neck area, this hairstyle visually lengthens the lines of the face. Promising, right?

  • Shine with it whenever you want, since it is a chameleon hairstyle. Ideal for parties or glamorous events, in your daily work routine, to surprise someone so special to you at a night out, and even with sneakers to go to the gym. You make the rules!

  • An important advantage of the high bun is that it exposes both the neck and the ears, so it allows you to play without hesitation with all kinds of accessories, such as chokers, earrings, and necklaces, among others. Princess, creativity to power!

  • The high bun is still timeless, it is completely timeless. It is the favorite hairstyle of many celebrities, top-level stylists, and influencers. He is the epitome of elegance par excellence and is surprisingly sexy. Test yourself!

  • This is the best part: it is the favorite hairstyle of those who like to style their hair without complications, in a matter of minutes. An excellent solution for those who do not want to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Ideal for free souls!


Your high bun in 5 easy steps

Once we are clear that the high bun is the most of the most, how do we manage to make ourselves the most fashionable updo and not die trying? Very easy, you just have to carefully follow these simple steps that we have prepared for you. What sounds good?


Step 1 – Prepare your hair.

Before starting, it is important that you texture the raw material, your hair, very well. To do this, it is essential that you have your great beauty allies, such as Batiste dry shampoo. If you don't have much time, our dry shampoo will instantly refresh your hair and you'll be #ReadyToWOW for an updo that will take your breath away. In addition, you will give your hair a touch of smell: floral aroma, roses, cherry... You choose! To get the most out of it, we recommend you follow the articles “The definitive guide on the use of dry shampoo!” and “How to apply dry shampoo”.


Do not forget to comb your hair very well, style it or give it volume with a quality hair straightener, such as ceramic or ion technology. If you usually use the iron a lot, apply a good heat protector. You can find it in various formats, from creams to liquid products.


Step 2 – Put your hair up.

Once we have our hair well-textured, we must collect it in a high ponytail or, as the hairstyle followers would say, a ponytail. Above all, make it as smooth as possible. To do this, we advise you to use a brush with high density and natural bristles, they really are the best to prevent your hair from cracking. Secure the hair with a conventional rubber band or, if possible, with a hook rubber band. To finish, comb your ponytail again very carefully.


Step 3 – Winding phase.

Roll the ponytail loosely around its own base. Use bobby pins or bobby pins to secure it. If you don't want a super-perfect high bun, you can mess it up a bit as you roll it up for a more casual look.


Tip for non-XXL hair: If you don't have a lot of hair or would like your high bun to have more volume, use donut-shaped support. In addition to the extensions, it is a trick widely used by celebrities, you just have to cover it well with your hair so that it is not perceived that you are wearing it. Shhhhh… don't tell anyone!


Step 4 – Fixing phase.

Tuck the end of the ponytail under the high bun and secure it with bobby pins that are the color of your hair and do your best not to show off too much. For an even more bohemian look, pull out a few extra strands, being very careful not to damage the updo. Finally, apply a little hairspray to fix the hairstyle and it will last longer.


Step 5 – Creativity to power.

As we love to give our updos a different touch, we suggest, as a final garland, adorning your high bun with some detail or accessory. For example, a bohemian barrette, a colored fabric with vintage motifs, or a string of pearls or very chic flowers! Now yes, simply beautiful!


Other styles of high buns

Now that you have seen how easy it is to make your own high bun or ballerina bun, we show you other varieties with which to dare. Don't think that they are much more "pro" levels, don't scare you, you just have to have a little more practice and patience. Do you like the results? What is your favorite? They have us in love! In particular, the imperfect high buns, because they are super versatile, fresh, and youthful. Also, the high-class bow modality is the favorite of artists like Adele. It is combed back, with no parting, polished, and the fundamental mass of the hair is fluffed out.

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