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Natural and easy hair styles with the Iron

Are you a wild-haired heroine, whose daily struggle is practically impossible to deal with? A straight-haired hipster who dreams of a voluptuous mane? Or, on the contrary, do you have curly and foamy hair, but you are a lover of the most extremely straight looks?

Princess, say goodbye to the drama queen, arm yourself with a good hair straightener, and follow the selection of flat iron hairstyles that Batiste has prepared exclusively for you. In addition to our super step-by-step, we encourage you to discover how to apply our dry shampoo, like a celebrity, and get the most out of it! Ready for the shake, shake, shake?


Flat iron hairstyles that are trending

If you only use the iron to straighten your hair or simply curl it, keep reading and be amazed by the world of possibilities that opens up before you! Bet on the hairstyles of the influencers of the moment and reinvent yourself without added complications. In addition to being super simple flat iron hairstyles, but yes… with red carpet finishes, they can be achieved in record time! It's unbelievable but true, a little word from Batiste. Do you dare to check it out?


Flat Iron Hairstyle – Red Carpet Waves

Exploit your sexiest and most sophisticated side with one of the most recurrent star hairstyles among Hollywood divas: water waves, also known as retro waves. The waves in the purest style of the 50s have become the ideal look for any type of party, especially the BBC (Weddings, Baptisms, and Communions).


You may be wondering how to make water waves with an iron, but don't worry, you just have to follow the following step by step to the letter. Practice will make you an expert in using the iron to make waves, you'll see!


  • Before starting, don't forget to wash your hair following our beauty ritual. Don't you know him? Calm down and take some time to read the article "How often should you wash your hair?", where we tell you how to wash it correctly. It seems obvious, but it is super important that you prepare your hair well before doing any styling with a flat iron. What if you don't have enough time to wash it? Absolutely nothing happens, because you will freak out with all the benefits of washing your hair with dry shampoo. Check out our stellar guide to flaunting clean, scented hair in no time! #ReadyToWOW?

  • Spray a heat-protective spray to prevent the high temperatures of our iron from damaging our hair more than necessary. It will also help set your waves.

  • Once we have dry hair, we will divide it into a first horizontal section at the bottom of the head. This, in turn, will be divided into four more parts. So that you can work comfortably, hold the rest of the hair with the help of some clips.

  • With the hot hair straightener, roll each of the parts you just made and wait between 5 and 9 seconds for them to mold (read the manufacturer's advice carefully in this regard to avoid burns). Once the time has passed, put down the hair straightener and keep this curly strand in your hand until it cools down.

  • Repeat this action throughout the hair. eye! It is essential that the hair straightener always points in the same direction.

  • When all your hair is curly, comb it back with a brush. A little trick for those who want to get a good grade! To make the ends perfectly rounded, brush them on the palm of your hand. You will get a perfect finish!

  • To maintain your style, apply a long-lasting setting product. And to shine!


Keep in mind that there are stylists who first prefer to set the waves in water with hairspray or any other product designed for that purpose and then comb them. It goes to tastes, choose the option that is most comfortable for you!



Flat Iron Hairstyle – Extreme Curls


How to make curls with iron? If that's what you're wondering, read on because this flat iron hairstyle is only suitable for lionesses. So, it's time to flee from the most polished party hairstyles, as well as break clichés by adding extra volume to your hair. Follow our step-by-step!


  • Start with the preparation of the hair. To know how to do it correctly, follow the previous points one and two of the “Iron Hairstyle – Red Carpet Waves”.

  • Select a hair straightener that has thin plates.

  • Divide your hair into sections. The tighter each strand, the more defined the curls will be.

  • Roll each section of hair through the curling iron. Next, rotate the hair straightener and move it along the strand. If you want to show off some extreme curls, hold the hair straightener in a vertical orientation and slide it slowly. Be careful not to burn your hair!

  1. Follow this same system with the rest of your hair. Start with the bottom layers and, with a little patience, work your way up to the top.

  • To maintain your style, apply a long-lasting setting product. To show off the hair!


Hairstyle with a flat iron – Waves with volume


If what you want is a more mischievous and groundbreaking style, what do you think if you opt for thick waves? It is very easy and suitable for inexperienced! To get wavy hair with the iron, with an extra touch of volume, you will have to comb the waves and simply tease some strands. In this way, the loops that you have previously created will be opened. Finally, and like the rest of the hairstyles with an iron, freeze the finish with a fixing product, such as hairspray.


If you play against time...

Now that you have become an expert in flat iron hairstyles, you just have to complement your style with the right makeup. Get inspired by fashion influencers!


Remember that the hair straightener, in addition to waving, curling, or straightening hair, is also an essential tool for any hairstyle to be more textured, polished, and elegant. Dive through our blog and bet on the coolest Batiste hairstyles!


Do you have a date? Are you late for an important event? Nerves don't let you think, but don't panic! If you don't have time, don't hesitate and turn to your best ally: Batiste dry shampoo. Show off radiant hair with a touch of scent (floral scent, roses, cherries...) in a few seconds. Get your favorite!


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