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Recover te vitality of your hair after the summer

And as said that famous song that our parents hummed ad nauseam in their moments of melancholy, “The end of summer has arrived”. And who was going to tell us that now we would be the melancholy ones? Holidays are over, what a pain! We say goodbye to the hours of relaxation on the beach or the pool, to those nights that never end, and too-long etcetera of happiness. And we went to say hello to those super manes destroyed by our beloved summer, since the sun, salt, and chlorine can be lethal.


As at Batiste we want you to continue wearing that hair that characterized you so much, we have prepared a brief guide that includes all the tips for you to recover the vitality of your hair after the summer. It is time to rescue its color, its silky touch, as well as its shine, and its healthy appearance. Saved!


Tricks to recover your hair after the summer

Have you returned from vacation and you have hair with split and brittle ends, without luminosity, a color that you don't even recognize and the touch is rougher than a cat's tongue? If your answers have been more affirmative than negative, "Houston we have a problem". Although, don't panic, follow these recommendations to shine again and be the terror of long hair!


  1. Go to your trusted hairdresser. Although it is a measure that we normally try to avoid, it should be a must after the summer to cleanse our hair quickly and efficiently. In addition to recovering your color or applying a revitalizing treatment, you can take the opportunity to start the season with a new look. Ideally, a haircut that requires minimal styling and that you can air-dry. Dare yourself!

  2. Avoid the dryer and irons or stylers. These devices are the great enemies of the health of our hair since overexposure to heat causes a lot of irreparable damage if not with a visit to the hairdresser. Did you know that if you use a heat protection spray, you can reduce the effect of heat on your hair by up to 70%?

  3. Washing your hair properly is very important. Use very concentrated formulas, that is, very nourishing shampoos that hydrate dry and sun-damaged hair as much as possible. A trick to make your hair shine more is to finish washing with cold water or throwing a splash of vinegar (without going overboard, we know each other!) in the final rinse. Read our article on “How often you should wash your hair” very carefully, where we tell you if it is bad to wash your hair every day, how to do it in a healthy way, the benefits of dry washing your hair, and what experts recommend when washing your hair. Regard.

  4. Your best allies: the conditioner and the mask. Are you clear about the functions of each product? Did you know that these two treatments are essential to show off nourished, healthy, and extra shiny hair? And more after the summer season. The conditioner is used to moisturize the hair after shampooing and can be applied daily. While the mask provides nutrition to the hair more intensely, since its formula is more concentrated. For this reason, we recommend using it after summer once or twice a week. When your hair has regained its vitality, we advise you to use it approximately every 15 days. Regarding the action time: the conditioner takes effect immediately and, on the contrary, the mask needs at least 3 minutes, with 15-20 minutes being ideal for it to penetrate well inside.If you need more short-term solutions, you can use treatments in the form of a serum or oil, as they will provide you with a greater degree of hydration. You yourself, choose the formula that you like the most and apply it from the middle to the ends, on dry or wet hair, as indicated by the manufacturer.

  5. What do I do if my hair falls out a lot? Surely you have verified that after the summer, you lose more hair. Don't be scared, it's usually normal because of all the havoc we've put it through. But if you see that it is too fragile and it continues to fall off after months, we recommend that you go to a dermatologist for advice.

  6. Follow a varied and balanced diet. Girls, we know that we are told over and over again, but it is true that “we are what we eat”. And to take care of our hair, one of the best solutions we must apply is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, proteins, healthy fats (Omega-3), whole grains, and dairy products.


And once you have recovered the vitality of your hair after the summer, and you are once again the envy of the class or the office, what better way to discover how to get the best out of it, find out what are the hairstyles and updos to shine in any party or the trendiest hairstyles of the moment.


oh! And above all, see how you can get the most out of your dry shampoo, a beauty essential for super long hair!

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