Friday, 17 June 2022

Spike, root, disheveled... Join the trend of hairstyles with braids!

If there is something undeniable at the moment, it is that hairstyles with braids are the most “trend”. And if not, tell Katy Perry and the “fashion” universe! And it is that celebrities love them, either to wear them at night, to go to a party or in their daytime looks. The fashion of braids is present both in casual outfits and in the most sophisticated ones. Get ready because, for one more year, they are presented as the absolute protagonists of the summer!


There are a thousand types of braids, we could really say that there is one for every occasion. From the most traditional, such as the herringbone or the English (beginner level), to the most casual, such as the African sides or braided crowns (pro level). Most of the most is still the boxers, the two twisted braids at the root, which will enhance your sexiest and most explosive side. We have a special weakness for this type, we will not deny that they are our favorites. But, which one do you identify with? Haven't you signed up for the braids trend yet?


We tell you everything you need to know about the 3 most chic braided hairstyles this season. With our step-by-step guide, you will be able to make your hairstyle incredibly chameleonic and become the best accessory for your daily styling.


To whet your appetite we show you a video tutorial. Put aside the drama queen and the mess!


How to do spike braids without dying trying


1. Use Batiste dry shampoo to make braids look prettier.

2. Comb your hair and place it all to one side. If you prefer, you can separate a strand of hair from the front to give your spike braid a more “street style” look.

3. Separate your hair down the middle and select a strand of the same thickness, both on the right and on the left. Easy, right? Now take the right strand and pass it over the left.

4. Hold it so it doesn't move as you take another strand from the left side and place it about a centimeter below the one you're holding. This step may cost you a little more, but don't panic! It's all a matter of soaking up video tutorials, practicing, and never giving up.

5. Repeat the previous step, but with the right side.

6. Continue until you finish with all the resulting strands and tie them with a rubber band. It is important that you do not forget to tighten your hair!

7. Tousle the strand that you separated in the first step a little. It is a little trick to hide the two partitions of your hairstyle so that it does not look like you are going to make the first communion.


How to do root or boxer style braids, boost your boom side!


1. Apply Batiste dry shampoo to make your tresses more polished. Batiste has a range of products specific to your color, your style, or your hairstyle, as we tell you in the definitive guide on the use of dry shampoo!

2. For your physical integrity it is vital that your hair is well untangled. Yes, you can!

3. Part the hair into two equal halves, from the center to the nape of the neck. For your convenience, we recommend that you leave one of the sides attached with a clip. Now we will work on the other part. Take a small triangular section at the front and start a three-strand braid.

4. Invert the braid at the root, that is, take the strands from the sides and braid them below the central strand. As you go along you have to add small side strands to each braid.

5. Continue the process until you have reached the nape of the neck. Stop! Now you must continue with the rest of the hair braiding each of the sides independently. If you still have doubts, find out all the details in our post on how to make a root braid.


How to make a crown braid, the quintessential bohemian hairstyle


1. If you want more defined braids, with Batiste's dry shampoo you will get it quickly. Make sure your hair is completely untangled.

2. Separate it into two equal halves and tie the top part of your hair into a bun so it's out of the way. To give it the bohemian touch, let a few strands hang down in front of your head.

3. Start braiding from the earlobe and going over the top of the head. Zero stress! Take the strand of hair closest to the ear and divide it into three parts. Each time you braid the three strands, add a new strand of hair.

4. Continue the process from the previous point. As you progress, you'll want to add more highlights to the braid to get a thicker look.

5. Continue braiding in the same way at the nape area until you reach the starting point. Think that the braid is held thanks to the strands that you add little by little.

6. Secure the braid with an elastic band and with the help of a hairpin fix it under the crown itself.

7. With the remaining part of the hair that you had collected (step 2), make a braid. With a touch of grace (we know you have a lot of salt shakers), take the braid you just made and fix it to the crown with some bobby pins.


Confessions of a braid

If you do not see yourself capable of doing this type of braid alone, nothing happens, there will always be some kind soul who will be willing to lend you a hand. Of course, then it will be your turn! But we have faith in your qualities. We know that braided hairstyles will hypnotize you and you will end up becoming an expert in the field, you will even add your personal touch.


Ours consists of:


Bet on casual braids. You can achieve it by slightly disheveling the updo or even leaving some loose strands. Simply the most.


Play with the mixture of textures. For example, a hairstyle that characterizes Ariana Grande as “in” is the high ponytail with straight hair, alternating small African braids. Very fans.


Apply Batiste dry shampoo before braiding, as it is the fastest and easiest way to show off clean, voluminous, and scented hair, without using a single drop of water. Don't let lack of time stop you from making plans!


Soon we will show you more trends in hairstyle, so you can always be up to date and in the shortest possible time.

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