Sunday, 19 June 2022

Your ally in the best summer festivals

Summer is here and with it the live music festivals: concerts at all hours, your favorite bands, parties and fun, camping… Oh! My! Hair! We all know that going to a festival is great, but showering or washing your hair can be complicated with so many people, so little time and so much to discover. With villagebarberstories, we make it easy for you, because we are present at the coolest events so that you only think about giving it your all dancing and singing at the top of your lungs.


What should you put in your luggage?

We facilitate the moment “what do I take?” to go to the festival, so you don't forget the essentials and be the most prepared in the place:


  • .Day clothes, night clothes. Keep in mind that there will be concerts at different times of the day, so your look must be adapted to each moment. And think that at night it always cools down! (Okay, this has sounded a bit like a grandmother's phrase).

  • .Comfortable, used shoes that you don't mind throwing away when you come back. Trust us, it's going to end up in dust. Literal.

  • Liters and liters of cream with sun protection factor to protect your skin from all the hours you are going to spend exposed to the sun. And for later, a good moisturizer or refresher in case you've gotten like a shrimp.

  • Cool sunglasses. Your eyes will thank you and you will be sexier.

  • If you don't want mosquitoes to eat you, don't leave the repellent on. In fact, prepare a mini kit with band-aids, some pain relievers, and disinfectants.

  • Of course, don't forget to put a comb and your bottle of Batiste dry shampoo in your toiletry bag: the most essential product for your hair to look clean, with volume, and with a spectacular fragrance. At festivals, showering is overrated!


Batiste will never fail you

As we know that in the rush you could forget to take the dry shampoo or your friends could end up with your stock, don't worry, because we are present at all these festivals, where in addition to being able to buy our product, we will show you and give you hairstyle tricks so that you cause a sensation and you can take advantage of your style.


Look for the Batiste stand at:


  • Warm Up Estrella de Levante Festival (Murcia)

  • Spring Festival (Alicante)

  • A Summer Story (Madrid)

  • Low Festival (Benidorm)


We will be happy to help you shine with your own light!


If you missed our post with the step-by-step, we summarize in a few words what you need to know to apply dry shampoo and that the result is WOW!:


  1. Shake the shampoo well. This is how we mix all the ingredients well.

  2. Apply the product to the roots and areas most prone to oiliness, separating the hair in layers and at a distance of 30 cm.

  3. Give yourself a light massage on the scalp with the fingertips, to finish covering all the parts well.

  4. Brush from roots to ends to remove any excess shampoo that may have remained.

  5. Finish combing your hair with your hands, according to your style and personal tastes. Shall we tell you a secret? Braids are the most in!

  6. Don't worry about your hair (you're perfect!) and give it your all at the festival.



Now you can look for which festival you're signing up for and not suffer in case you're going to be able to take a shower. A little water for the body and always with your Batiste for the hair close at hand and... ready for whatever they throw at you in an instant!

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