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20 easy hairstyles for summer wedding guests

When you are invited to a summer wedding, in addition to the dress, the first thing that comes to mind is to look spectacular on that special day. And with the dress or outfit, your hair look is essential. These 20 easy hairstyles for summer wedding guests are a sure hit.


If you are looking for a quick and easy hairstyle for guests for your next wedding or summer wedding, the first thing you should consider is what texture you feel comfortable with in your hair. In other words, do you want to keep your hair straight, curly, or wavy, or, on the contrary, do you want to create a different texture and style it differently from what you wear every day for such a special day?


The truth is that every day there are more possibilities and they are all perfectly valid, but as the experts at Jean Louis David assure us, "the most important thing is that you know how to choose which texture you feel better with" and in that sense, they recommend us to think about what types of waves to do if we really like to wear this hairstyle or for example "if we always go with straight hair, we can also try wavy or curly hair with an XXL volume that nobody wears at that wedding".


With the help of hairdressers, we have searched for the 20 most inspiring easy hairstyles for summer wedding guests so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes, your hair type, and, of course, your look.


Pigtail with soft waves

Another hairstyle that does not fail is a ponytail with very soft waves and to which we can, as María José Lata, stylist at the Llata ​​Carrera hairdressing salon, points out, "twist a lock of our own hair or add a jewel or bow tie".


Braided pickup with hand band effect

Carlos Fernández, Franck Provost's stylist explains that high braids look good on all women. However, this style can be recreated in various ways. "You can braid your hair and fluff it up so it looks like an undone bun on top, or you can tie your hair in knots and use bobby pins to hold your hair up." He emphasizes that the most important thing is that, once finished, the entire front area has baby hairs or small loose strands.


Polished pig

If you like minimalistic updos, go for a polished ponytail by styling your hair in a low, mid-height, or high ponytail and brushing it with a fine-toothed comb for a satin effect. And if you want more shine, there are specific sprays that help you achieve it.


Boxer braids

Another more risky but very flattering and original guest hairstyle option is boxer braids. If you want to go simple and not get complicated when combing them, "start with a normal root braid or with classic three-strand braids dividing the hair in two and tie them up with transparent rubber bands" recommends Alberto Sanguino, from Llongueras.


Messy side braid

If you have long hair, take advantage of the natural texture of the hair and do a side braid that is not totally perfect to create a more current but elegant look. And accessorize it with a bow or a scarf to give it a different and original touch.


Relaxed pigtail

It is the easiest and most elegant of the quick hairstyles for a wedding and other events if you are a guest. "It's about making a low ponytail, at the nape of the neck, that isn't too tight and lifting strands to give volume to the crown. And it can be decorated with a narrow velvet or satin bow or with a handkerchief" Álex Sestelo recommends to us, from the salon that bears his name.



Comb your hair back and put on a headband to match your look by styling your hair in waves or letting it loose with the help of your hair dryer. "You can place it behind your ears or even take out a few loose strands from the front area or even wear it with a ponytail or a high bun" recommends Ángela Navarro about the hairstyles you can wear with this versatile hair accessory or accessory.


Wet effect

If you are not very skilled or your hair tends to get oily easily, the wet look can be a good idea when choosing a guest hairstyle. Either with your hair down or up (much easier to maintain) and with the help of a hairspray or hair gel, you can completely forget about your hair for hours.


Retro semi collection


With a disheveled effect, a semi-updo is also very successful when combing your hair and is achieved by making a section from ear to ear and with the selected part of the hair, taking it up with the help of your hands and holding the bun at the top. in a way that is not totally perfect. The remaining part of the hair, that is, the back part, is left loose.


Low mesh pickup

After texturing your hair, pull it into a soft, low ponytail, then "roll your hair up and secure with bobby pins, letting a few strands escape for a messy effect and a touch of hairspray at the end," says salon stylist Tommaso Incamicia. My Place Hair Studio in Milan.


Bow for headdress or hat

To be able to wear tiaras, diadems, headdresses, or hats at your next wedding, it is essential that the updos be more structured and you can bet on infinite variations. And if the occasion is more informal, you can opt for a more relaxed updo because it is always a hit.


Marked waves

Waves are the easiest and most fashionable hairstyle for your guest look whether you have medium hair or long hair. And you can get them bigger with wider loops with flat irons or curling irons or even waving your hair without heat by sleeping with braids by dividing the hair into four parts and making four braids.


Ballerina bow

You can adopt this bow at any time of the day and it is ideal for the wedding season. Gather your hair in the back and twist it into a bun and secure it with bobby pins. "Fix it with hairspray and finish with a gloss spray," says Patrick Phelippeau, director of Jean Louis David. If you have fine hair, use a texturizer to make your updo last longer.


Double braids

Double braids are a rebellious new take on the look we wore as girls where accessories and a tousled finish break up its sweetness. "Wavy and slightly disheveled hair complement each other perfectly to be combined with luxurious details," says Rafael Bueno of Rafael Bueno Peluqueros.


High bun

The high bun is an ideal updo for strapless necklines or asymmetrical dresses and it stylizes, especially the neck. Rosi Fernández, director of the Ananda Ferdi salon reveals how to achieve it. "First, hold the hair above the crown in a ponytail. And add volume to the front part or choose to leave it taut. Once the ponytail is made, we divide it in two and intertwine the two strands of the ponytail. Once intertwined, we roll them up on themselves shaping the bun and choosing the desired height. We hold it with the help of some hairpins".


High pigtail

A look with a high ponytail is always a wardrobe staple, elegant and comfortable. And it is that this flattering ponytail hairstyle that falls in a cascade "is ideal for dresses with bare backs and skirts with volume and shades such as black and white," says stylist Rosi Fernández.



If you want to comb your hair down, go for hairstyles with side parting to give your hair extra elegance. You can wear it to the left, to the right, up, down, with wet or dry hair, have long hair, or have it short, because it is one of those that most favors her face. And you can also wear it with your hair in a ponytail or in a ballerina bun.


Low bun

The ultra-polished low bun is also another of the most recurrent options as a guest hairstyle for your next wedding. And you can add a touch of serum to add shine and definition.


Mane with ornaments

You can also style your hair leaving it loose or tied up with hair accessories of all kinds. From bandanas, pearls, bows, scrunchies... They are a very successful option whether you wear medium-length hair or if you wear your hair long because they provide a differentiating and unique touch.


High buns or space buns

With two high buns, the effect of clearing the face with a messy finish is sought, and "it balances long faces and can be customized depending on the type of face, adapting and polishing it for round faces," says Alberto Sanguino, from Llongueras. It is very easy to do and you can add texturizing product if your hair is very straight, then make two pigtails behind the ears, twist them on themselves and fix them with bobby pins.


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