Saturday 23 July 2022

4 tips to leave gray hair and abandon the dye definitively

More than a trend, gray hair has become an attitude. Wearing gray hair for many women is synonymous with liberation. If you are thinking of abandoning the dye, definitely do not miss our tips to make the transition from gray hair to silver-gray hair as they look more and more famous.

Andie MacDowell and Princess Carolina of Monaco are some of the celebrities who have decided to leave the dye to switch to gray hair. But surely, if you also dye yourself, you will know that gray hair does not usually come out evenly. So, a priori, that transition between gray roots and beautiful gray hair is not very easy. And this is confirmed by Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez: "Stop dyeing your hair and start showing off your gray hair with pride is not always an easy process: if the hair is colored, it is inevitable to go through the cumbersome process of letting the hair grow root".


How to transition towards gray mane

In light hair, the transition to gray hair is much easier, because gray hair is less visible, therefore, the root effect is not as noticeable.


For dark hair, the stylist Eduardo Sánchez proposes two ways: "You can make a smoother transition by starting with lighter highlights or highlights to lighten the hair more and more and then use a shade to cool down the tones. Another option is to use to extreme cuts that speed up the process". The shorter your hair is, the less difference between gray roots and your mane will be visible.


A third option to leave gray hair is to bleach all the hair and choose a tone similar to that of our natural gray hair.

On the other hand, Verónica Castro, director of Vanitatis Espai, proposes a new treatment: "over the last two years, many women who wanted to keep their hair long asked us about ways to shorten the time. Go Gray was born to respond to this demand". It is a coloring service that seeks to trace the natural color of the root with all its gray hair to replicate it in the hair through a combination of different techniques.

"We handle organic dyes, Woodlights, color baths, and exclusive nuances -among others- to find the ideal color," says Castro. The color is only applied to previously colored hair and never to the roots. "It is essential not to change the color of the already grown root. Otherwise, we would take a step back," explains the expert. Go Gray is suitable for all types of gray hair: yellow, gray, white... and can be applied regardless of the amount of gray hair you have.


How to take care of gray hair?

Although the idea of ​​wearing gray hair may seem liberating, in reality, you must take great care of it. "Gray hair is harder and frizzy hair and it needs to be polished so that it shines and looks like well-cared hair and not a feeling of neglect," says Eduardo Sánchez.

That is why it is essential that, on the one hand, you use shampoo, as well as a conditioner or mask with violet or blue pigments, which prevent gray hair from turning yellow. And, on the other hand, you hydrate your hair a lot. "It is very important to moisturize deeply once or twice a week with masks or hair oils, and always have serums and styling products as your allies that help polish, smooth, and complement that hydration," according to the hairdresser.

In addition, the expert recommends performing a collagen treatment once a month at the hairdresser. "In a single session, it returns to the hair its elasticity, body, volume, and resistance, recovering its waviness, shape, and natural shine."


If you have decided to go gray, remember that it is also important to choose a good haircut and take care of your hair with some of these products.


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