Thursday 28 July 2022

A ponytail, a braid and some surf waves, the 3 hairstyles of Sara Carbonero trend of the summer

Sara Carbonero's hair has become our inspiration for hair trends and summer hairstyles. In just a few weeks, she's sported a messy ponytail, undone braid, and surfer waves you won't take off.

Summer hair trends are here and in Sara Carbonero they have one of their best ambassadors to wear fashionable hairstyles. And it is that the journalist has the gift of changing her look in record time with easy and simple hairstyles that always favor. After seeing her with a tousled ponytail, which is the ideal daytime look for the summer season, now we have seen her with a messy braid and surfer waves that will undoubtedly also be your off-road hairstyles for the season because they are simple, quick to do and very flattering.


Another of her strong points is her haircut because she wears it a few centimeters below her chest with light layers that are always very versatile to achieve any look. But what catches our attention is how she wears these three fashionable hairstyles that are pure inspiration.


High messy pigtail

Sara Carbonero shows that the high ponytail with a disheveled effect is one of the hairstyles that most stylizes the face and allows you to wear your hair well-groomed in summer. And it is that without combing the hair we can hardly get a very cool look. To do this, the idea is to make the ponytail and leave the hair slightly loose at the nape and the contour as the journalist does. You can also style your hair to give it a wavy look with the help of your hair straightener or curling iron and brush it for a more natural effect or lightly tease the crown area before making a ponytail and leave loose strands around your face like her.


The undone braid that most favors

While she was on vacation in Mexico, Sara Carbonero also delighted us with another of the most comfortable and successful hairstyles that you can do yourself and it is a success because of how good it looks and it is none other than the braid. And the best thing is that the journalist wears it textured by the effect of the sea breeze that adds body to her hair and with a relaxed and undone effect combing it from the nape of the neck avoiding the tight effect if we do this hairstyle from the root. The result is a spectacular boho updo.


Surf waves

Waves and wavy hairstyles in all their versions have become the hairstyle of the year. However, when it comes to wearing them and that they always look good, Sara Carbonero opts for surf waves that will save our hair on more than one occasion this season. The surfer waves are not very marked and add volume to the hair in a natural way, getting more movement in your hair.

In addition, they soften the features and detract from the more formal looks and are a comfortable hairstyle to wear that does not require constant worrying about it and adapts to all faces and natural hair textures. You can get them with a volume spray and then blow dry your hair. If your hair is more frizzy or curly, you can straighten it with an iron and model your hair and if it is straight, drying the hair downwards would be enough. You can also vaporize a wave spray to give them the texture you want.


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