Monday, 25 July 2022

Airspace, the trending summer haircut that is wash and go and air dries

The airspace haircut is an alternative to the more classic bob cuts and has the advantage that it is washed and ready, dries in the air, and adapts to all faces and hair.


In the search for haircuts that dry easily in the summer and are washable, we've found the trending haircut of the moment: the airspace. And its secret is that it is one of the "aerial" versions of the bob and shag that removes excess weight from your hair and increases the movement of finer hair.


What is the airspace haircut?

The airspace cut is the latest celebrity hair trend. And it is a cut that creates aerial movement in the hair and an ideal light texture and becomes the ideal look to wear in summer because it adds volume and movement to your hair.


This term has been coined by celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook who has stated that this cut tries to take the weight off the mane to give the hair an airy look and feel with layers and can be worn on both long hair and mid-length hair. or short hair.


This is the case of Kendall Jenner's layered haircut at this year's Met Gala that she wears over her longest hair because the type and texture of your hair don't matter to bet on it. Of course, there are some things that you must take into account when carrying it.



An adaptable cut to your hair type

If you have fine hair and want to enhance this haircut more, opt for layers that give your hair more volume and do not subtract it and if your hair is thick, perhaps your hairdresser can replace the scissors with the razor or a cut in the tips to create light layers and have that more textured feather or aerial effect.

As the cutting expert, Diana Daureo tells us, the technique when making an Airspace haircut must be adapted to the desired effect and the density of each hair. "If it is abundant hair, the most appropriate thing would be to make the layers with an oblique scissor tip to break the tip; in this case, the volume could also be reduced with thinning scissors, if necessary. At the other extreme, hair with the little volume they would be made with a classic scissor tip that was less oblique than the previous one".


Easy to comb and air dry

Among its advantages, the airspace haircut is easy to style at home and dries great in the air. Ideally, you should look for moisturizing and softening hair products to give your hair that looks and shine.


And another of its advantages is that the Airspace cut requires minimal maintenance and even means you don't have to comb your hair because even leaving your hair to air dry after showering, the result is perfect.

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