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Are you a curly girl? Discover the best haircuts for curly hair?

Curls, waves, ringlets, ringlets, snails… you know, taming curly hair isn't always easy. Zero drama! Curly hair is the most and now wearing it as natural as possible is a trend. That is why we have prepared a selection of the best hairstyles and haircuts for curly hair so that you can show off your curls with pride.


Basic tips to take care of curly hair

Before starting with curly haircut proposals, we will tell you some of our secrets to having beautiful and well-defined curls:


  • Curls are your distinguishing feature, they give a great personality. Don't hide them! You can try straightening your hair occasionally if you feel like it, but living permanently linked to straightening irons and straightening treatments such as keratin or other products is not a good idea if you do not want to end up with damaged hair.

  • Use specific products for curly hair that respect the natural structure of the waves and maintain your natural volume. Generally, curly hair is usually thicker and drier, so extra hydration won't hurt.

  • When it comes to combing it, forget about brushes (they will undo your pretty curls) and get yourself a wide-toothed comb. It is better if you previously wet them a little with water (or with a styling product) to avoid frizz. If you go beyond combs, your own fingers will be your best allies when it comes to defining your curls.

  • When you get out of the shower, avoid rubbing yourself with the towel: you will increase the frizz by a thousand! Use a microfiber towel (or cotton t-shirt) to remove moisture by squeezing hair in gentle motions.

  • It is better that you let curly hair air dry, naturally, applying some curl-defining cream. If you need to use the dryer, always with a diffuser, start at the roots to give it volume and turn upside down, making circular movements with it and with the cold air option selected.

  • If one of your biggest enemies is the dreaded frizz effect in your hair, don't hesitate to try the new Batiste De-Frizz dry shampoo, a solution that will leave your hair feeling clean and light, super pleasant, and frizz-free. Total!


Types of curls: not all are the same!

Within what we call curly hair there is a great variety of ways in which the hair creates waves. In fact, we could say that there are as many types of curls as there are curly girls in the world. In addition, over the years hair evolves and you can experience variations in the shape of the curl at different stages of your life.


To make it a bit easier, curly hair is usually classified into 3 broad categories:


  • Wavy or wavy hair

  • curly or curly hair

  • Afro hair


Haircuts for curly hair

The key will be to find the hairstyle that respects the natural shape of your curl type and reinforces its definition and at the same time provides movement, freedom, and volume without the hair getting out of control. oh! And that it favors you according to the shape of your face, of course!


pixie cut for curly hair

If you have short curly hair, why not go for a very shortcut in which your wonderful waves can be appreciated? It is perfect for light curls although Halle Berry, Rihanna, or Samira Wiley also wear it with their afro hair and it looks great on them!


The layers must be well defined without becoming too marked, seeking balance. Whether you cut it evenly, leave the top part longer, wave in the wind, or prefer it more asymmetrical, the pixie cut for short curly hair is an extremely comfortable option that enhances the natural beauty of your curls.


Shaggy cut for curly hair

The version of this cut for curly hair leaves the curl to its own devices, looking for lightness and a carefree touch. This seventies classic is back in fashion in current manes. The key is to layer a lot to get a lot of volumes, from the top to the ends.


This hairstyle for curly hair, which although it is seen more in a bob or even lobs sizes (somewhat longer than bobs) is suitable for all lengths, is almost always combined with bangs, obtaining a rocker look. Yeah!


Long bob and bob cut for curly hair

Long bob (or lob) cuts, more or less shoulder-length, are perfect for curly hair, as they allow you to control the volume without shooting it out and achieve definition in your curls. If you dare with a shorter length, the bob (or even mini bob) is also very practical and easy to style, as long as your waves tolerate it well.


Curly haircut with curtain bangs

If what you are looking for is to remove a little weight from the volume of your long hair and give movement to curly hair, a good option is to unload it with a curtain fringe, which will divert attention to your eyes. As we already told you in What haircut is the best for my bangs? bangs are not the exclusive domain of straight hair.


long curly hair

The classic among classics is to let the curls fall on the back with their own weight and show themselves as they are. Over the years, stars like Julia Roberts have stayed true to their style, wearing a scandalous mane with her waves as protagonists.


Now that we have shown you our selection so that you can find the best cut for curly hair, don't miss the top 3 influencers to inspire you to style your hair,


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