Friday, 1 July 2022

Easy tricks to make your stories look like those of a real influencer

If you're one of those who live glued to their mobile and don't take a single step without posting a story on Instagram... you're in luck! We have compiled some simple Instagram Stories tricks, and ideas for your content to be super original and fresh and you can become a true influencer on the social network with the most glamor and posture of the moment. Are you in?


Tricks to make stories that maybe you didn't know

Although many of the accounts you follow and love use external apps to retouch their photos and/or stories before they are launched, which we will also talk about below, not everyone wants to install them. Who does not have a mobile phone saturated with photos and apps?


That is why we will first start by revealing some easy tips on Instagram so that your stories are the most. Take note!


#1. Make use of all the functionalities that Instagram is offering

Text, music, direct, boomerangs, superzoom, Spotify lists... The possibilities are endless, don't just stay in normal mode. Launch questions, questionnaires, chats, and surveys, and put the hearts of others to a thousand with a countdown... You will see that immediately your followers begin to respond and give life to your account.


To keep up to date with the news of this highly visual social network, don't stay behind and worry about keeping it updated so you don't miss any of its features.


#2. Play with colors!

You can put the text in any color you want. If you keep a color pressed for a long time in the default color palette, you will see that a wide range opens up for you to choose the one you like the most. In addition, with the icon that looks like a dropper, you can also choose colors from the photo itself so that everything is well combined.


#3. Create text with shadow

You can also put a shadow on the text, with a super simple Instagram trick: write the same thing in two different colors and you will only have to overlap and fit them to create that pro shadow effect. wow!


#4. Add original and different letters

Did you know that stories allow us to change the typography of our texts? You just have to go to the option to write text and at the top, you can choose between different formats: classic, modern, neon, etc.


And as if that were not enough…We tell you our secret! If you have tired of the typical letters that Instagram allows you, you can also put more original ones. How?


Open your internet browser on the mobile and type: “cool fancy text generator”. You must go to the Coolsymbol website, where you will write the text you want and select the most beautiful font among all the options it offers. Don't forget to copy! Enter stories and, when adding the text, you paste what you have previously copied. Et voila!


#5. How to change the background of your stories

We know. More than once you have completely “painted” the background of your stories using the brush tool, right? Then you will love this trick!


It is possible to fill in a second the background of a story with the color that best suits it. You just have to select the brush tool and the color, go to the center of the image, press and hold, and voila! Suddenly you will see the entire background in the hue you have chosen.


#6. The eraser is not only for erasing!

This tip will help you create original shapes in your stories and will allow you to reveal only part of your photo. For example, if you want your followers to only see the last post you made in your feed, you can take a screenshot of your last post, cover the entire background with one color, and have only the part of the image that interests you appear. let your followers see.


How? Upload an image to your stories, press the print button, and choose a color, click on the screen and you will see how the entire image is covered with the color you have chosen. Now use the eraser brush and start erasing the screen. And so you will make appear the part of the image that you want!


#7. You can create faded effects

Emojis are not only used to make your texts funnier! If you want to get a different effect on your photos and you're already tired of the typical Instagram filters, you can't miss this trick! It's super simple.


You will only have to choose the image that you like the most and write any emoji. Go making the emoji bigger and bigger until you notice how its pixels fade. Place it in the part of the image that you prefer and that's it! You now have an image with a beautiful and original effect.


The best Apps for Instagram Stories

Here is a brief list of some of the apps for stories that will help you if you are looking for how to succeed on Instagram. We warn you: there are millions of applications, this is just a small selection that will make your life easier (in this list we have only taken into account those that are available for both Android and iOS and those that are free or "freemium", that says, with a free basic version):


  • Unfold: it is the queen of apps for Instagram Stories since it is used daily by many Instagrammers of the moment and it is very easy to use. It offers a wide variety of effects to retouch images and videos and has templates to make the best collages and beautiful compositions that will cause a sensation among your followers. App Store / Google Play

  • Adobe Lightroom: It is one of the most powerful current image editing tools for Instagram Stories and another of the favorites of many influencers! App Store / Google Play

  • VSCO: is also very popular among editing and retouching apps to make stories, it has a complete collection of filters to get lost in. App Store / Google Play

  • Snapchat: If you want to expand the palette of filters that Instagram offers, you will undoubtedly find the solution in Snapchat. App Store / Google Play

  • Huji Cam: Especially suitable for lovers of all things vintage, this app for stories applies filters as if your photos were taken with the typical film camera your parents used. App Store / Google Play

  • Cool Fonts: to insert text with fun fonts. You just have to install it and, when you want to use it, change the keyboard mode of the mobile. It will also be useful for other applications such as WhatsApp. App Store / Google Play

  • Font Candy: it has a large library of fonts so you can find the one that best fits your story, as well as having templates, icons, and effects that will give it a different touch. App Store / Google Play

  • Canva: if the design is not your strong point, with this app you can make quick compositions for social networks, also for stories, with the correct measurements, and with endless free templates (photos, icons, fonts...) that you can use at your leisure. whim. App Store / Google Play



Now that we have given you several ideas and tricks for Instagram Stories, you can create original and fun stories to be the one who poses the most of your friends. Open your favorite application and… creativity to power!

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