Tuesday 26 July 2022

Five simple hairstyles for short hair that are trending in 2022

With the arrival of heat, short hair becomes a perfect option to go cooler. In addition, a good haircut can help you enhance your features. If you are thinking of changing your look, don't miss these five simple hairstyles for short hair that are trending this year.

We love long hair, but if you are looking for a comfortable look for this summer, without a doubt short hair is the best option. You will be able to spend less time on your hair, you will wash it much faster, you will stop finding hair in the shower, on the pillow... And no, short hair is not boring, quite the opposite. You can choose between a very short pixie, a longer pixie or bixie, the shaggy, the bob... Also, think that hair grows and that a new look will help you look different and even take years off. Here are five simple hairstyles for short hair that are trending in 2022.



If you are not afraid of scissors and you are looking for a super comfortable hairstyle, go for the minimal pixie. The stylist Raquel Saiz from Salón Blue by Raquel Saiz explains that "the most minimalist pixies are those with very short bangs and contours that we comb slightly to the side. In this way, we manage to make the whole face stand out since the cut itself makes you stand out." You can also style it with a wet effect, for a sophisticated and perfect look, for example, to go to a wedding.


Long pixie or bixie

This year, as the stylist María Baras, artistic director of Cheska, told us, she wears her hair short a lot. "I like to highlight all the versions of short hair because it gives much more play than we think, they can be combed forwards, backward, to the side, play with the sideburns, with a wet effect... This season it is very fashionable for the bixie, a pixie with longer bangs and sideburns. It's like a grown pixie." Michelle Jenner wears it with slightly lopsided bangs, but she gives you plenty of options, and you can even adorn it with an accessory.



Another simple hairstyle for short hair that is trending is the mullet. Héctor Blanco, a stylist at Espacio Q, tells us that "the mullet stands out for being a cut made with scissors where the area of ​​the sideburns and the nape of the neck are slightly longer than the rest of the hair. The front part is slightly shorter and straighter For those who like to take more risks with their image For those who like a more classic, timeless cut, we will carry out a cut where the sides are short and the top longer, and even leaving a certain length in the front that allows us to play with the hairstyle, the natural texture". Without a doubt, a modern haircut, which you can also style in different ways.


Smooth bob with middle parting

If you want to wear short hair without risking so much, the bob is a good option. This haircut allows endless options. Wearing it smooth and with a center, parting is one of the most outstanding trends of 2022. "We are facing a straight cut at chin height, slightly rounded in some cases and without layers. It looks good on almost all types of faces, although you have to be careful with those that are excessively rounded and with small heads," explains Carlos Fernández, an expert at Franck Provost.


Bob shaggy

Another ideal hairstyle for summer is the shaggy bob. "It's probably the most casual and comfortable version of the bob haircut. With a seventies vibe, this hairstyle is ideal for wavy hair, fine hair, or when you don't feel like straightening your hair.

To achieve this, you need to work the hair to give it texture and movement" says Alberto Sanguino de Llongueras. She also points out: "If you think this style is your favorite (or whenever you have fine hair), we recommend a razor cut to further increase the movement of the hair and create texture. This cut option will be perfect for that hair that They're looking for a volume punch."

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