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How to moisturize dry scalp? 5 tips and tricks

Do you suffer from itching on the head, peeling, and a feeling of tightness? Your scalp is dry, and in addition to these discomforts, this problem can have negative consequences for your hair. Find out how to restore hydration.


We take great care of the hair, but we forget an essential area for its health: the scalp. In general, unless it gives us a problem, we do not remember this skin covered by hair. Taking care of it daily with the right products is essential, especially when the scalp is dry. Gisela Bosque, the national makeup artist at Sephora, points out that in the skin of the head "the barrier function is weaker, which makes the scalp less efficient when it comes to maintaining or replenishing its hydration, favoring irritation, the appearance of dandruff, itching, and inflammation".


What factors can cause dry scalp?

If you feel like scratching your head continuously and even have a burning sensation, your scalp is dry. As the pharmacist María José Cejas Delgado, head of the Europa Pharmacy in Puente Genil (Córdoba), explains, "people with dry scalps suffer from discomfort, tightness, and flaking. This problem also has consequences for the hair in the form of less shine and greater fragility".


There are several factors that can cause a dry scalp: age is one of them, over the years, in general, all the skin suffers from dehydration. In addition, hormonal changes, diseases such as atopic dermatitis, stress, pollution, or the use of aggressive shampoos can also cause dry scalp.


How to moisturize dry scalp?

When choosing your shampoo, you should first of all look at what your scalp is like. Using very aggressive products is one of the reasons why this skin can dry out, weakening its barrier function. In addition to choosing a moisturizing shampoo, there are other tips and tricks to help you moisturize your dry scalp.


Choose a moisturizing shampoo for dry scalp

Having good hygiene is the first step. For dry scalp, the pharmacist María José Cejas advises "using moisturizing shampoos, which are the ones that treat the scalp (we treat the hair with a conditioner or mask). I recommend one that contains active ingredients such as shea butter, hyaluronic acid ...".


On the other hand, the expert recommends "maintaining the frequency of washing that is necessary, not washing more hair makes it worse. The question is to use the right product."


Apply a pre-wash oil to moisturize and soothe dry scalp

Another trick to moisturize a dry scalp is to apply a pre-wash oil once a week. Massage the oil into the scalp for a few minutes, using your fingertips, in a circular motion. Leave on for a few minutes before washing your hair with your moisturizing shampoo.


Exfoliate the scalp once a week or every 10 days

The pharmacist María José Cejas also recommends exfoliating dry scalp. "Exfoliation is good for accelerating the dermal renewal process, which will help make any treatment more effective. Except in cases of extreme sensitivity, I do recommend using a hair scrub, because we never perfectly cleanse our scalp and thus enhance any treatment of our hair routine".


Avoid scratching your scalp

As far as possible, try to control the urge to scratch your head, because, even if you feel relieved at the time, this gesture can worsen the problem in the medium or long term.


Visit a specialist

If the itching and stinging continue, you should go to a dermatologist who is an expert in trichology so that he can assess your problem and rule out pathologies such as atopic dermatitis.


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