Friday 15 July 2022

The 15 haircuts for summer 2022 that best feel after 40

Facing the new summer season, nothing like a new natural and flattering change of look. And if you also want to bet on the trends that are coming, we bring you these 15 haircuts for summer 2022 that look best after 40.

The hot days are here and if your hair is asking you for a refreshing change of look that also updates your image, we have searched for the trending haircuts for summer 2022 that are most flattering for people over 40 because they feel incredibly good. They will wear the most natural looks but at the same time very easy to style and with or without bangs because most of them are washable and ready to avoid having to spend a lot of time styling them and they are also very easy to maintain.


Shag Haircut

The shag cut has become one of the favorite haircuts to wear at 40 and at any age because it is ideal for you if you are looking for a cut with character and that requires little maintenance. The ideal is to wear it with natural hair color to show off an impeccable mane in summer effortlessly and as María Baras, artistic director of Cheska, tells us, "in all its versions, from the collarbone to a little longer".


Airy blunt bob haircut

The bob returns but in its most blunt version. A version of the classic bob that is less forceful and with much more movement and more adaptable to different types of faces and hair textures. The secret of this more daring version of the bob is, as stylist Eduardo Sánchez assures us, "eliminate excess weight and maintain an element of softness within the forceful lines."


Octopus cut hair cut

The octopus cut or octopus haircut is a cut with many layers and volume in the front area of ​​the hair and it is the most flattering because it gives volume and body to the hair and stylizes and harmonizes the features.


Micro bob haircut

It is also an ideal alternative for the age of 40 to opt for a haircut such as the micro bob or the bob in its shorter version, ideal for the most daring with medium-length haircuts. It is cut at cheekbone height and works great with the smoothest and finest hair.


XL Bangs

This summer the bangs will continue to be the haircut that complements both the medium hair and your long hair. Side bangs or curtain bangs are worn, open in the center, and blended with the rest of the hair on the sides, which are the most flattering after 40, along with long bangs that reach almost to the eyes and frame the face like few


XL Mane with light layers

Long hair continues to have its fans after 40. And they are worn with light layers and textured tips that add movement and three-dimensionality to long hair.


Bixie haircut

Although it has been one of the favorite trends for several seasons, the bixie haircut is a short look in the pure pixie style, but with longer back strands in a clear nod to the bob. It works on straight, wavy, and curly hair and is always a winning bet.


Wolf cut Straight or curly haircut

The wolf cut or the wolf haircut is a cut in which the volume, the bangs, and the layers are the protagonists, both in its straight and curly version and it is also a pure trend this summer among women over 40. "In the straight version it has 70s notes and disco airs and in the curly version the inspiration is a return to the 80s with round volumes, more exaggerated, and open bangs that give a lot of play," says the stylist María Baras, regarding this cut.


Clavi cut haircut HAIRCUT

The clavi cut or cut at the level of the clavicle adapts to all types of faces and has a rejuvenating air that we love. It slightly exceeds the collarbone and as Álex Sestelo affirms, "it can be worn with full layers throughout the hair, more scaled in the lower part of the hair and with a parting in the middle or with bangs and they have a very manageable length when combing your hair. ".


Bowl cut

The bowl cut or bowl haircut is being reinvented this summer and it is, as María Baras states, "a new interpretation of the traditional bob cut reinvented with a modern air". In both cases, the bangs and the layers have a total role, the neck is left free and the features are enhanced. "This cut is perfect to mark the angles of the face, especially the cheekbones, smooth and round hairstyle has a more alternative touch, and with the waves, it is softer", she adds. And it looks great with nuanced caramel hair tones and bright, luminous chocolate browns.


Straight bob haircut

The bob haircut has become one of the favorites after the 40s and in its smooth version, it is a pure trend and is ideal for oval and brown faces with subtle highlights to give that sensation of movement that provides a more youthful and carefree appearance.


Straight long bob

Medium lengths or long bob haircuts are also ideal for those who do not want to give up the length of their hair but are no longer convinced by so much length but want to renew their image for summer.


Pixie haircut

There are cuts that reduce or adapt the volumes of the face and one of them is the pixie, a very fresh cut that provides a casual and youthful image. Stylists like Jaume Solé from Bo Barcelona recommend doing this type of dry short haircut, where you can really see the shape of the hair and thus define the volumes while respecting the structure of our hair, whether we have it straight or curly.


Curly shag haircut

The curly shag is an ideal cut to wear at 40 because of the movement it brings to the hair. It is a mane at the end of the neck without reaching the shoulders with layers that allow defining the volume and movement of the mane and is usually worn with long bangs. Perfect for you if you want to keep your curls but you also don't want a very voluminous mane.


Mullet haircut

The mullet cut, slightly shorter at the top of the hair than at the bottom, is another of the trendy summer haircuts that works from the 40s onwards. Because, as Jaume Solé, founding partner and artistic director of Bo Barcelona, ​​"it is a cut that is very comfortable for the summer because it does not need a lot of blow-drying or flat ironing and can be kept dry with your hands even without using a brush and it works both on straight hair and curly hair or wear it with an effect wet".

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