Thursday 7 July 2022

The 5 mullet haircuts that feel better after 30

If you are thinking of changing your look and opting for a modern and customizable cut that is also a trend, discover the 5 mullet haircuts that look best after 30 and that have become the most flattering and versatile.


The mullet haircut is one of the most requested of the moment. Not only because of its versatility but also because the layers are back and can be worn at different lengths and with or without personalized bangs depending on our face.


Who does the mullet cut cover?

The mullet flatters all types of faces, although it is always preferable on more rounded faces because it is a cut that lengthens the silhouette and gives it a rectangular effect. In addition, it is very versatile since it can be adapted to any type of face shape. You can style the mullet cut as you like, straight, wavy, with bangs behind the ears, or even curly and with a messy texture.


So that you do not think that it is a cut that can only be worn at 20, we propose the five mullet haircuts that best suit you from 30 to 40 and beyond 50 to achieve a very special look.


Mullet cut with short bangs

One of the mullet haircuts that best suit is the one that "is characterized by having short hair at the front, even with short bangs, leaving the hair at the nape of the neck longer," says Carlos Fernández, Franck Provost's stylist.


Mullet cut with invisible capes

The mullet cut with invisible layers is also one of the best options to try from the age of 40, as Alberto Sanguino, a stylist from Llongueras, assures us, which "would consist of having the hair longer in the nape area than in the rest of the mane. And on the other hand, the upper area has to be more weathered to give it that most powerful touch".


Wolf cut or wolf hair cut

For women 40 and older, stylist Álex Sestelo, stylist and director of the salon that bears her name, also recommends the wolf cut. "It's a look somewhere between a mullet and a shaggy, with bangs and lots of layers to frame the face, giving a lot of volume on top and less density at the nape. It's a strong, bold, and edgy style." a certain androgynous touch, a phenomenon in the 80s and 90s that is now making a strong comeback, and ideal for those women who want functional and fun style" she points out.


Mullet hair cut


If yours is to wear a style as current as the mullet but you don't want to sacrifice the size of your hair and at most, you prefer your hair to reach collarbone length, your haircut may be the mullet that combines the mullet with bangs and shag hair with a personalized fringe to your liking.


Pixie or long pixie

Although it has been one of the favorite trends for several seasons, now the mixie has arrived, a short pixie-style look, but with the rear locks much longer and disheveled in a clear nod to the mullet. "It works on straight, wavy, and even curly hair and it's a risky bet that you'll love," concludes Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez.

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