Monday 11 July 2022

The 5 types of highlights that are going to be requested the most this summer according to hairdressers

The catwalks have given hairdressers the clues to bring to the street the highlights that will be most requested this season.

For those who are most reluctant to a drastic change in their hair, highlights are the most attractive option to give their hair a new look without having to resort to scissors. For brunettes, chestnuts, redheads, blondes, or gray hair, this summer we are going to be inundated with warm and soft colors. "We see a clear trend that has been seen at fashion shows during fashion weeks, as well as in the world of influence, which takes up the codes of the biggest fashion houses.

A trend of warm and solar colors at a global level. of styling. And that also goes hand in hand with the hair issue", explains Ana Martínez, Education Manager of Jean Louis David. We got to see it at the DIOR show, where models sported slightly warm highlights on the front.


Hair from opposite ends will also be visible. On the one hand, hair that is as natural as possible integrates the idiosyncrasy of the hair with the latest coloring techniques. On the front, an extra hot variant in reddish tones will make the most daring ones turn their hair into a wild interpretation of the trending color of the season. And, instead, they will all start from the same point: not abandon their base tone. If you are looking to make your hair more attractive in the coming months with this premise, these are the 5 highlights suggestions that are going to have the most demand this summer according to those who know the most about hair.


Summer vibes highlights

According to the Education Manager of Jean Louis David Ana Martínez, this summer 2022 the gradient summer vibes will be essential. "One of the contrast work trends is to frame the inner areas of the hair and the bangs to illuminate the color," explains the expert. In the same way, the depth of the wicks that cover the head is also accentuated, giving a new dimension to the hair. As a result, an especially interesting set of volumes is created for fine hair and dull hair, because it creates an optical effect of constant movement that is activated by the summer sun.


Another trend that Ana Martínez highlights for this summer 2022 at the color level is a nod to the 90s. In that decade, the contrasts in the roots and in the part of the neck were the daily bread. "This 2022 is going to create a good depth at the level of the roots and the nape, with a light set, with contrast, until emphasizing the face with even lighter strands," details the expert.


Strawberry Highlights

Since pink has become a key color of the season in the world of fashion and beauty, hair could not be left out of the trend. For Alberto Sanguino, creative director of Llongueras, these highlights are the undoubted bet of the summer. Inspired by the strawberry, the lightening of the hair is colored in reddish, pink, and soft coral tones. "It is a look with natural lightening of darker upper areas and ends full of light.

The strands are degraded starting with a subtle lightening at the roots until reaching ends full of light. The manes are full of nuances that generate reliefs and movement when hair", explains the expert. In Llongueras they work using the wild blond color technique where natural clarifications are sought through freehand highlights that fade from the root to the ends.


Highlights go gray

As Franck Provost points out, "this technique allows you to hide or make the decision to leave your gray hair more uniform, so that they look like natural gray hair. Without having to worry about covering them." For this reason, and as Carlos Fernández emphasizes, we are really facing a coloring technique that, far from covering gray hair, enhances it and makes it the protagonist.

To work them, you must first do a balayage or highlights depending on the desired result. In other words, if you want to plague the entire mane, knitting of fine wicks would be made through the whole of the hair. "Once the desired degree of lightning has been obtained, nuances are essential, as they are the key to a silver to gray streak effect," comment the experts at Franck Provost. The maintenance part would be the hardest because when there is discoloration, the chemical part can damage the capillary structure and as a consequence, the color of the wick can be modified. Therefore, we must be alert and try to have a healthy and professional routine. Being harder the longer the hair.


Sandy bronde highlights

For eSalon's expert colorists, the Sandy Bronde technique is the custom version of sun-kissed beachy highlights mixed with trendy bronde hair color. This tone, born from the perfect combination of blonde and brunette hair, has more and more present in every corner thanks to its elegant versatility.

The personalized version advocated by this brand offers an impressive combination of cold and warm tones, achieving the perfect balance. To achieve this, they indicate that you should ask your hairdresser to start with a dark ash blonde as your base color and then apply highlights throughout the hair.


Highlights expensive brunette

That sensation that the skin transmits at the end of summer with a warm tan tone is what this coloring technique brings to your hair. A luxurious look that has become one of the top color trends that eSalon colorists are betting on this season with its warm and inviting chocolate and caramel tones mixed together.

As hair grows, balayage-inspired highlights will not grow with harsh lines, making them easier to maintain. It is an ideal formula for brunettes who are reluctant to cut their XL hair or for midi hair looking to lengthen to infinity as it revitalizes the look and, with proper care, the style is perpetuated (almost) indefinitely.


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