Friday 29 July 2022

The Scandinavian waves, the hairstyle of Zendaya or Rosalía that you are going to want to do this summer

Wavy hair is still one of the favorites of celebrities. However, if there is a hairstyle that they wear from Zendaya to Rosalía, it is the Scandinavian waves that without a doubt you will not take off this summer either.


Hair waves are present in any hair and even in medium hair. And both the most marked waves and the most undone, revitalize our hair and give our looks another air. In that sense, if we have to stay with the waves of the summer trend, without a doubt, we do it with the easy-to-do Scandinavian waves that lead from Zendaya to Rosalía and you will see them everywhere this summer.


What are the Scandinavian waves?

They are a return to the waves of the 2000s and they come back with force, recovering the place they deserve. If you are wondering what they are, think about mermaid waves but wider than usual but slightly more structured, they are like a contemporary version of Hollywood waves only looser and more undone.


What are the Scandinavian waves?

As María José Llata, from the Llata ​​Carrera hairdressing salon, tells us "these waves are an updated version of mermaid waves, although more relaxed and carefree and we can give them a shinier finish by applying finishing products. The way to achieve them is by creating a zigzag smooth and undone with iron or tongs, bearing in mind that the important thing is that the wave is not big, but small. To open up the wave more, we will comb and thus we will achieve that they are less marked".


The summer hairstyle of celebrities

We have been seeing people like Sophie Turner at the MET Gala and Zendaya wearing these flexible and versatile waves and we understand that it is one of the hairstyles that we all look for lately and that we will not take off in summer.


Scandinavian waves can be modeled on your wavy hair if you have that natural shape but if you have straight hair, you can achieve them with some styling tools like a curling iron or tongs, or a straightener. And in case you don't want to heat wave your hair, you can sleep with braids and get a more imperfect but just as cool interpretation of this type of wave that is trending and that is less polished and relaxed than the rest.

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