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The Ultimate guide to repair damaged Hair

To show off a scandalous mane, sometimes we resort to processes that can damage our hair: dyes, dryers, and irons, aggressive products, and too frequent washing... which can inevitably lead to dry, weakened, dull hair that breaks or curls easily. …Keep your hair on! You are about to discover the definitive guide to repairing damaged hair, with tricks and moisturizing treatments that will give your hair back the life and shine that it had lost. And also, we present you with a super novelty in the range of Batiste products: ready to discover it?


Why is hair damaged?

Keratin, which is the most important protein found in the composition of the hair (representing about 90%) is considered its backbone. This is why in healthy hair, the keratin structure is strong and well bonded, while in damaged hair, it shows all kinds of irregularities.


You should know that there are certain actions on your hair that, in the long run, can wreak havoc on it. Let's see the most common:


  • Not taking care of the hair as it deserves or properly. Haste and stress are not good, since hair requires certain periodic care that we often forget: nourishing masks, hair scrubs, daily brushing, etc.

  • Wash it with water that is too hot or more often than you need. In this sense, using Batiste's dry shampoo will allow you to extend the washes for even 2 or 3 days. Test it! And if you don't know where to start, check out the ultimate guide to using dry shampoo.

  • Regularly apply heat sources to the hair. The dryer at maximum temperature and without leaving a certain distance, the hair straightener or curling iron... they are great enemies of hair health if you abuse them or if you do not protect your hair with protective sprays.

  • Constantly bleach it. Yes, we know that the rainbow hairstyle is super trendy and flatters you, but don't overdo bleaching because you're going to burn your hair, brunette. After bleaching, let your hair rest for a while.

  • Using dyes (highlights, reflections, lights, color baths) with too aggressive chemical ingredients. Look for products to dye your hair that are gentle and can cover it well in color without damaging it: they exist!

  • Abuse of hair treatments that modify its structure: straightening, progressive straightening, keratins, perms, etc.

  • Not following a hair care routine after the summer, as we told you in another post with tricks to recover your hair after exposing it to the sun, salt, chlorine…


How to identify damaged hair?

Unhealthy hair speaks for itself. You don't have to be a great expert in the matter to observe the most characteristic signs of damaged hair.


Hair that has suffered damage to its natural structure looks ugly and is more difficult to comb. If you also observe the following indicators…


  • Split and/or open ends.

  • Lack of brightness and luminosity. The hair is dull and lifeless.

  • Rough and stiff texture, with a tendency to tangle.

  • Dry hair or extreme dryness, especially at the ends.

  • Brittle, fragile, and weak hair, with a tendency to break or fall.

  • Frizz and/or electrification. Frizzy hair or hair with a "frizz effect" (the friction of the hair when there is static electricity) is a real headache, as it becomes untamable and ends up giving a careless appearance.


… there will be no room for doubt and you should start immediately with a treatment for damaged hair.


When choosing the treatment or solution, you must first identify the source of the conflict. Nourishing (giving it the food it needs) is not the same as moisturizing (recovering the water it has lost) or repairing (making it recover its structure and make it strong and unbreakable), and in case you have doubts about your hair, it is You better turn to the wisdom of a specialist.


The best treatments to repair damaged hair

Here are some tips and treatments to heal damaged, dehydrated and dull hair. In any case, keep in mind that there are times when the hair is so broken or burned that the solutions that you can adopt at home are not enough to recover it, and putting yourself in expert hands can be a good idea, either to make yourself a healing cut or to carry out specific treatments for damaged hair, depending on the needs of your hair.


1. The earlier you start, the better!

Do not leave it for later as there will come a day when it may be too late and you will have to cut your losses. If you have already detected any of the symptoms that we have described to find out if you have damaged hair: act, remedy it.


2. New Batiste Damage Control: bye-bye to weakened hair

Within the range of Batiste Hair Benefits dry shampoos, we present one specifically designed to protect your hair from any harmful agent. Batiste Damage Control contains an advanced formula enriched with fortifying keratin, which in addition to making your hair feel clean and fresh, will allow you to keep it healthy and strong. Add it to your list of essentials to revive damaged hair!


3. Use specific products for damaged hair

In addition to the Batiste Damage Control dry shampoo, there are other products that are involved in the entire care and washing process that are specific for hair that has lost all its splendor: from shampoos and conditioners formulated specifically to heal damaged hair, to serums or oils repairing, nourishing masks that intensify hydration,…


4. Stay away from high temperatures on your hair for a while and avoid aggressive treatments

The heat provided by stylers and dryers is highly detrimental to your hair and even more so if it is already damaged. If you have no choice but to use them, don't forget to apply a good thermal protector first, which reduces the heat effect on the hair by up to 70%. It is also good to finish drying with cold air, in addition to giving your hair a break, it serves to fix your hairstyle. Learn all this and much more in our post on how to dry your hair without damaging it.


In addition, in the recovery phase of damaged hair, you should not resort to chemical products to dye, straighten, wave...until it is in its usual state. There are more respectful alternatives, you just have to find them!


5. Make yourself a good restorative mask at home

With ingredients you have at home you can prepare a moisturizing and nourishing mask that can leave your hair looking new. For example, if you mix two egg yolks, two tablespoons of olive oil, and a cup of water, you will obtain a uniform mass that, applied for half an hour on dry hair, you will see that when you rinse it, your hair is shiny, soft and more strong. Find out all the details in our post on how to hydrate your hair optimally to obtain a result of 10.


Surely with these tips, your hair will dazzle again and look healthy and shiny.

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