Sunday 24 July 2022

Why the haircut of the coolest Parisian will be the one recommended by hairdressers this summer

 Jeanne Damas always inspires us with her makeup looks, her manicures, and now with her new haircut ideal to wear in summer because it can be air-dried and gives volume to fine hair.

The coolest Parisian demonstrates the power of a good summer haircut. And it is that Jeanne Damas has just released a new makeover on her Instagram account that is most flattering and is ideal for not having to use the dryer in summer, leaving your hair in the air, and making it ideal all day.


It is a shaggy bob haircut for medium-length hair with a slight bang to frame the face that is very flattering for girls with an oval face like hers. And it is that this summer, we will see haircuts that are related to comfort because there is nothing like going out with easy and simple looks but also versatile when it comes to combing our hair.


As Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez, tells us, "it is a cut with a straight base, very faded and with bangs that are worked with a razor to achieve that movement and feather effect and that is finished off with dry hair with thinning scissors to further enhance that effect of lightness. A perfect cut for hair with some gesture or straight "he points out.


Advantages of shaggy bob haircut

And furthermore, the expert in cuts assures us that this cut adapts to the texture and features of your hair and is a perfect ally that requires little work, "with a styling product and air-drying it is perfect and it is easy to comb and has everything that makes a haircut beautiful and up-to-date" says Sánchez.


In addition, as Pedro Moreno, Education Manager of Jean Louis David also assures us, Jeanne Damas's new haircut "is a measure that is neither too long nor too short or just the right measure to do what we want with our hair." And it's the kind of undone cuts we always associate Parisian girls with, textured ends, and a soft, effortless aesthetic. And besides, it works on both straight and wavy or curly hair.


The truth is that French women have a certain aversion to very straight hair because they prefer cuts like this one with natural movement and that take advantage of the natural texture of their hair. Make it look perfectly imperfect. And the same thing happens with her bangs that look shaggy and subtle because a very straight or very geometric bang is an indication that you just left the hairdresser and it would not be anything Parisian or French.


How to style the shag,by Jeanne Damas

Although French women use styling tools to create waves or gestures in their hair, they are even more fans of using their hands to ruffle their hair or going to bed with slightly damp hair to wake up with naturally tousled hair.

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