Monday 18 July 2022

Wrinkles on the forehead, how to prevent them and try to eliminate them according to experts?

Wrinkles on the forehead are usually, along with crow's feet, the first to appear. Being in such a visible area, it is normal for us to worry. Although you can hide them with bangs, if you want to know how to prevent and eliminate them, do not miss the advice of the experts.


If you are a person who gestures a lot, from the age of 30, you can start to have wrinkles on your forehead. First, they are expression lines, which over time become more marked wrinkles. In addition to gestures, there are other factors that also cause these unsightly wrinkles: the loss of collagen and elastin due to age, too much sun... Sleeping on your stomach or on your side can also cause sleep wrinkles.


Why do wrinkles appear on the forehead?

As Beatriz Valero Serrano, doctor of medicine and surgery and specialist in aesthetic medicine explains, "forehead wrinkles are normally dynamic wrinkles. They are called expression lines, which are produced by the repetitive contraction of the muscles responsible for facial mimicry. We found both horizontal and vertical wrinkles."

The doctor adds that over time "these wrinkles end up being static, permanent wrinkles because the puckered areas lose collagen and elasticity. Although it is normal for them to appear over the years, they are also seen in young people, because These wrinkles have a lot to do with the expressiveness of the face and with the type of skin (they appear earlier in thin and dry skin)".


Can they be prevented?

Some of the factors that influence forehead wrinkles can be avoided. Although it is not easy, if you are a person who gestures and frowns a lot, you can try to avoid it in some situations. Being aware of your gestures can help you avoid them. On the other hand, according to Dr. Beatriz Valero, "external factors such as smoking and sun exposure influence skin aging (up to 80% of skin aging is caused by solar radiation), so it is essential to promote a healthy lifestyle. It is important to emphasize the importance of adequate photoprotection, and cosmetic routines, which keep the skin well hydrated throughout the day, and promote skin regeneration at night".


The best treatments to eliminate wrinkles from the forehead

Among the treatments most recommended by experts to eliminate forehead wrinkles, botulinum toxin stands out. "This toxin is injected into the facial muscles responsible for the formation of these wrinkles, to relax and attenuate them, achieving a very natural result without leaving expressionless faces. It is a very safe and effective treatment that manages to smooth existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of news". The results of Botox last between 4 and 6 months, but as the treatment is repeated, the duration can be even longer. The price is usually between 300 and 400 euros, depending on the area to be treated.


When the wrinkles on the forehead are very marked, Botox may not be enough. In these cases, Dr. Carlos Morales Raya, a cosmetic dermatologist, recommends "hyaluronic acid fillers, at a superficial level, help to lift the wrinkle. It is important that it is specific for this area so that it fills the wrinkle without giving weight that can sadden the look". The price of hyaluronic acid infiltrations is usually around 300-350 euros.


For patients who do not want infiltrations, Dr. Beatriz Beltrán, an aesthetic doctor specializing in anti-aging, recommends laser treatment. "The Fotona Smooth helps to correct expression wrinkles without the need to use fillers or muscle relaxants. In this protocol, an erbium laser is used that has a much longer pulse length than usual, therefore, it exerts a tightened and corrects the wrinkle without damaging the fabric. We recommend 3 sessions, once a month".


Facial gymnastics to improve wrinkles on the forehead

In addition to aesthetic treatments, daily care is essential to avoid wrinkles on the forehead. Moisturizing the skin well, protecting it from the sun, and using transforming active ingredients... will help improve skin quality, delaying aging. Massages with tools such as the jade roller or gua sha, as well as gymnastics or facial pilates, can also help.


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