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6 homemade masks to smooth and moisturize hair

Is it possible to straighten and moisturize hair naturally? It's possible! We have compiled 6 homemade masks that are perfect for moisturizing and smoothing rebellious hair that tends to frizz.

Among the products that we will use our argan oil, coconut oil, cornstarch, and olive oil.

When hair straighteners appeared, they were a revolution back in 1912, with Lady Jennifer Bell Schofield at the head. An invention that, without a doubt, revolutionized the world of hair beauty. Little by little, a series of treatments were added to straighten the hair permanently and achieve that desired smooth effect.

And so we came to know and resort to Japanese straightening, Brazilian straightening, chemical straightening, or rebonding... As many treatments as there are chemicals to keep hair uniform and smooth until the last day of the year. A boon for women who love straightened, event-ready hair, but not so nice for those with fine or weak hair, as most of these treatments involve the use of chemicals on the hair.

If you are one of those who use the flat iron daily, the one with dry ends from so many dyes and discolorations, we show you 6 homemade masks to smooth and moisturize your hair naturally at home. Goodbye frizz effect!

1. Cornstarch mask to straighten hair

Cornstarch combined with oils such as coconut or almond oil is a trend on social networks for its properties to nourish and moisturize hair. For this reason, we have found this mask that is perfect for smoothing and moisturizing hair at the same time.

Necessary products:

1 tablespoon of cornstarch (for short and medium hair) and 2 tablespoons (for long hair).

1 egg (short or medium hair) and 2 eggs for long hair.

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil


In a bowl pour the cornstarch, the two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, and the egg (previously beaten). Mix the three ingredients with a spoon until there is a homogeneous mixture.


You can apply this mask with a brush or by hand. It is better if you do it by hand since it will be easier for you to reach all the ends. Apply the mask all over your hair and use a comb to distribute it evenly. Emphasize the ends, as they are the driest and most damaged areas.

After applying this mask, collect your hair in a bun and wrap it with plastic wrap for an hour. When the time is up, wash your hair regularly with your usual conditioner. If at the beginning of the wash you notice hard or stiff hair, don't worry, it's normal given the ingredients we use. Little by little, and as the product is removed, you will notice that your hair is more relaxed and easier to disentangle.

Remember to rinse well and brush it with a soft bristle brush to untangle it (always downwards). This mask is perfect for those who have rebellious hair, which is prone to knots and frizz.

How often to do it? You can apply this treatment once a week or two (if you have very rebellious hair).

2. Coconut oil to straighten hair

Coconut oil is one of the most demanded products of the moment due to its infinity of properties for skin and hair care. You only need three ingredients to create a very nourishing mask that will prevent your hair from frizzing.

Necessary products:

3 tablespoons coconut oil

half avocado

a tablespoon of honey


Mash the pulp of the avocado, add the 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients until you create a homogeneous mixture. If you see that it is very thick, add another tablespoon of coconut oil.


With clean hair (wet or dry), apply the mask with your hand in the middle and end. As in the previous case, use a brush to distribute the product well.

Put your hair in a bun or wrap your hair in a towel. Let the mask sit and act for about 20 minutes. You can take advantage of this time to get a facial treatment, study, read or telecommute. When the time elapses, rinse your hair with plenty of warm or cold water. Then, remove the moisture with a towel, pass the brush and let it air dry.

How often to do it? You can do this moisturizing and smoothing treatment 1 or 2 times a week.

3. Argan oil and aloe vera gel

One of the best masks to moisturize and remove frizz from the hair is made from aloe vera and argan oil.

Preparation and application:

Mix 1 cup of aloe vera gel with 5 tablespoons of Argan oil. After mixing both ingredients evenly, apply it to all of your clean, damp hair. Let the mask act for 20 to 30 minutes.

Once the time has elapsed, rinse with plenty of warm or cold water, use your usual conditioner and rinse again with plenty of cold water. To finish, remove the moisture with a towel, brush it and let it air dry. Avoid places that can generate that annoying frizz.

4. Egg mask to straighten hair

There are countless recipes on the Internet to create egg-based smoothing masks. One of our favorites is the one that includes coconut oil in its preparation.

Preparation and application:

In a bowl, add 2 or 3 eggs (depending on the amount and length of your hair) along with 5 tablespoons of pure coconut oil. Mix well and apply to clean damp or dry hair. After applying it, collect your hair in a towel and let the mask act for about 30 minutes, 1 hour if you have time.

This mask is perfect for moisturizing dry and damaged hair. In addition, it will give it a touch of extra shine and, little by little, it will avoid that dreaded frizz in the hair.

When time passes, wash your hair as usual and apply your conditioner. As in all the previous cases, brush it down and let it air dry. We can only say Goodbye frizz, welcome homemade masks!

5. Egg and olive oil mask to moisturize hair

The egg and olive oil mask that we are going to prepare is a nourishing treatment to repair the hair once a month or after a time of wear and tear, such as in summer.

Necessary products:

2 egg yolks.

1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

Preparation and application:

Mix the 2 egg yolks and the tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl.

Pull your hair back to avoid touching the scalp as it is quite greasy. Apply it only to the ponytail and collect with tweezers.

Leave on for 10-15 min. The hair hardens due to the action of the egg.

Rinse with water and wash the hair with a moisturizing repair product.

6. Banana mask calendula and ylang-ylang oils

Bananas are rich in potassium and amino acids and are excellent for softening and nourishing dry or damaged hair. Combined with the macerated oil of the antioxidant calendula and the exotic ylang-ylang, this simple but effective hair moisturizer is particularly suitable for keeping curly or frizzy hair at bay.

Necessary products:

1 banana

2 teaspoons of macerated calendula oil

3 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil

1 touch of lemon juice when rinsing

Preparation and application:

Use a mixer to make a fine paste with the banana, the finer it is, the less difficult it will be to remove it from your hair later. Then, mix with the essential oils of calendula and ylang-ylang.

Wet your hair, remove excess water with a towel and, while still wet, comb it and apply the banana paste, massaging it lightly.

Cover your hair with cling film or an old shower cap, or a plastic bag big enough to keep the mixture from drying out. Let it act.

Remove the mask with your usual shampoo and a few drops of lemon juice in the final rinse

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