Thursday, 4 August 2022

The haircuts that most favor you according to your face

Do you want to know what haircuts suit you according to the shape of your face? We provide you with a complete guide to choosing the haircut that best suits you according to your features.

Do not lose detail because we reveal the best haircuts for round, square, oval, elongated, triangular, and diamond (...) faces.

Have you ever looked in the mirror to see what your face shape is? A priori, the vast majority think that they have a round or oval face because they only look at the whole face.

However, to know exactly what the real shape of the face is, one must look at where the hairline begins, the size of the forehead, the shape, and length of the jaw, and the prominence of the cheekbones, among other aspects.

To find out this information, make yourself a high ponytail, gathering all your hair back. Only then will you be able to see if your face is round, oval, elongated, heart-shaped, or diamond-shaped.

In addition, depending on your facial features, there will be haircuts and hairstyles that will suit you best. Let's see what haircuts suit you based on your face shape.

Haircut according to your face

Each face is unique and beautiful and depending on its features, some haircuts will be better than others. For example, cuts with the curtain or open bangs are best for long faces and wide foreheads. Round faces look better with a mid-length cut with side bangs.

Find out which cut and hairstyle is the best for you according to the shape of your face. You will ask for it yes or yes at the hairdresser!

Oval face

You are lucky! Almost all types of haircuts suit you, although bob cuts, long bobs, medium lengths, waves, and light curls will enhance your features and define them even more. If you like more personal looks, you can opt for pixies cuts, which will rejuvenate your face in an instant.

elongated face

For this type of face, it is essential to achieve a feeling of spaciousness on the sides, with bangs and a cut that reaches shoulder height. Look for maximum volume, especially on the sides, with curls and waves. Also straight or side bangs at the height of the eyebrows will give you volume on the sides.

It is not recommended to wear straight or long hair, a bob cut will suit you better, and hairstyles that do not give much volume to the upper part such as toupees or high updos such as pigtails and very high bows.

square face

For faces with wide jaws, similar to the temples, the most recommended is a cut with highlights, or layered and voluminous. Avoid straight and smooth bangs or short hair, as it would shorten the height of your face, better long and blunt bangs to divert attention.

You can give volume at the crown in order to lengthen your face. Her hair is loose and never very straight.

Round face

The goal is to sharpen your features by wearing your long hair in layers, mid-back, and scaling that starts below your chin. Straight hair is very suitable, without much volume. If you have fine and straight hair, you can dare with a long pixie cut, ideal for summer and to highlight the neck.

Avoid bangs and short hair as they will make your face smaller and give it a rounder feel.

rectangle face

To balance the cheekbones and sharp chin lines, they favor hairstyles with bangs, medium curls, long hair with medium curls, and bob cuts.

Heart face or inverted triangle

It is best to leave a very marked and blunt fringe. You can choose to dare with a very short and casual haircut or long but with a lot of volumes.

A new cut, which is a trend, is the clavicle haircut, a mane that reaches the height of the clavicle and that greatly favors any type of face. Selena Gomez and Kate Moss are fans of this trend!

Rhombus or diamond face

To soften the contrast of the cheek area, it is better to avoid straight hair and opt for a medium length with side parting, and voluminous and wavy bangs. The bob or long bob cuts also favor them a lot. But the most stylish for this type of face is, without a doubt, the short pixie style.

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