Wednesday, 22 June 2022

How to apply dry shampoo and take advantage of it!

If you've bought a bottle of dry shampoo but can't seem to get the hang of it, you probably don't know everything there is to know to apply it correctly. Don't panic! In this post, we tell you how to apply Batiste dry shampoo and how to take advantage of it, step by step, to obtain its full potential and for an impressive result. Ready to know all our secrets?


Apply dry shampoo in steps. 1, 2, 3,… and enjoy!

Using dry shampoo to get clean, fresh-looking hair with a dazzling effect is a quick and instant process, as we explained in "The definitive guide on the use of dry shampoo!". Yes, but first you must learn to apply it correctly so that the product gives you everything you expect from it. We tell you how:


1. First things first: Shake, shake, shake

Shake energetically. It is very important that you shake the product well so that the rice starch is mixed with the rest of the ingredients. The secret to the best result is in the mix, so if you see that you've already moved it enough, it's time to take action.


2. Shoot respecting the distances!

Spray on the roots, which is where the oil or grease accumulates, giving that appearance of hair stuck to the scalp that we hate so much. In this step you must take into account a key point: you must apply the shampoo at least 30 centimeters away, to avoid residues that the product may release. We advise you to keep the shots short and frequent. If you see it necessary, shake again while applying it.


3. Hair in layers, please

At the time you are applying the dry shampoo, it is important that you divide the hair into layers, to cover all the areas that can get dirty more easily (for example the bangs and the entire front part, the parting...). Don't forget the nape and rear areas: even if you don't see them, others do!


4. The massage moment… what a treat!

Once you have applied the amount of product you need, it is time to massage with your fingertips. This pleasant moment, which can be more or less long depending on the time you have, serves to finish covering the roots well and distribute the dry shampoo evenly where it is most needed. It is now when its components, based on rice starch, absorb excess fat.

5. A good brushing and your personal touch

As the shampoo does its job, brush your hair gracefully from root to tip. This way you make sure to eliminate the extra product you may have while giving it volume, luminosity, freshness... and a pleasant aroma that awakens the senses. Finish giving your personal touch with your hands, according to your look and style.


6. Show off your effect wow!

You are now ready to go out and enjoy your plans: beach, cinema, concerts,... wherever you want! Now you no longer have to worry about how your hair looks, Batiste does it for you.


You better watch it in less than 20 seconds

So that you finish seeing how practical and instant dry shampoo is, we share this video with you. Discover the best way to refresh and achieve the best look in the blink of an eye: Yes you can!

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