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The haircut that best suits you according to the shape of your face

Did you know that the same haircut can hide a defect or, on the contrary, accentuate it? And it is that, depending on your features, one look will favor you much more than another. It seems obvious, right? And, in reality, many times we insist on wearing a hairstyle that does not benefit us at all, only because the cut sets a trend or is worn by that celebrity that we like so much.

 Like a good makeup contouring, a haircut can rejuvenate you, as well as correct or enhance your features. Round, square, elongated, triangular, with a heart... There are endless types of faces, depending on the shape. At Batiste, the leading brand in dry shampoos, we teach you how to identify which one is yours and which haircuts are the most flattering for you. Shelve the hairstyles that, although they are top, do not go with you!


Your ideal hairstyle according to the shape of your face

haircuts for round face


1. How are they? Round faces are characterized by similar measurements, both in width and length, with circular contours. The area of ​​the cheeks is the widest, while the chin is usually a little pronounced and small.

2. Objective: to distribute the volume of the hair to refine or soften the features.

3. Haircuts for round faces: those that have dimensions below the chin and/or shoulders, such as the midi bob, and long layers of hair that slim the jawline and reduce the volume on the sides. The stripe is always preferably on the side. Dense bangs are not highly recommended for this type of face, because as they hide the forehead, it still gives us the feeling of having a wider physiognomy. The pixie style is another of the cuts that we recommend to stylize the facial oval. Do you dare to try it?

4. Celebrities: Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emilia Clarke.






haircuts for long face




1. How are they? If you have a skinny face and without too many angles, read carefully! Did you know that the best ally to hide elongated features is long, unpolished, and unpolished bangs? Normally accompanied by a cut of several layers, which does not exceed the height of the shoulders. Another trick is not to wear your hair too close to your face, as it will still make your face look narrower.

2. Objective: gain lateral volume to reduce the length of the facial oval.

3. Haircuts for long faces: they are all those that provide extra volume through the play of long layers. That is medium hair (bob style, but never shorter than jaw height), preferably wavy or curly. On the contrary, adding volume to the top of the head, as well as hair that is too long and straight, should be avoided.

4. Celebrities: Liv Tyler, Alessandra Ambrosio, Katy Perry, and Sarah Jessica Parker.




haircuts for oval face


1. How are they? If your face is oval, that is, longer than wide, you were born with a star! Normally this type of face suits any haircut. For this reason, it is considered the most harmonious.

2. Objective: to add a little volume to the sides of the facial ovule. But as long as you wear a soft and well-groomed mane, you have everything won. If you're still at it, discover Batiste's advice to restore the vitality of your hair.

3. The cuts that most favor oval faces: most stylists agree on a long bob cut AND in all those hairstyles that are achieved with hair below the shoulders, with layers lower than the height of the chin and volume in the bottom. The recommended cuts for an oval face are long hair with a line in the middle and waves, straight bangs that are not too long, or very short hair that is swept to the side (mohawk style).

4.Celebrities: Charlize Theron, Marion Cotillard, Úrsula Corberó and Taylor Swift.





haircuts for square face



1. How are they? Square faces are balanced in proportion, that is, similar in length and width. They are similar to round faces, but with straighter facial sides. The chin can be more or less elongated, becoming a diamond shape.

2. Objective: to narrow and smooth the facial oval.

3. The cuts that most favor you: in this case, the tousled effect rejuvenates and the bangs visually trim the length of the face. As for the cut, generally, a length below the shoulders and low waves are applied to soften the chin area. You can also add volume to the top of the head, with a stepped or layered cut. If you also achieve the paraded sides towards the face, you will get one of their star hairstyles. On the contrary, it is essential to avoid the haircut ending in line with the jaw. Some of the most recommended haircuts for square faces are: the short layered bob style, shoulder-length or shorter, long hair with waves, or very long hair straight and straight, with a line in the middle.

4. Celebrities: Keira Knightley, Olivia Wilde, Angelina Jolie, and Emily Deschanel.


Haircuts for triangular faces



1. How are they? The triangular face, also known as the heart-shaped face, is characterized by a narrow chin ending in a point and a rather wide forehead.

2. Objective: to hide the width of the forehead and add volume to the chin area.

3. The cuts that best suit you: did you know that any length is suitable for this type of face? Although the cuts that benefit you the most are those that clear the lower area of ​​​​the face and camouflage in width in the upper part. A good solution is a layered cut. A very short hair will not be a good bet, but a lopsided fringe is. Try it and you will be surprised by the results! Of course, the bangs have to reach the height of your eyes, to prevent your forehead from appearing larger than it is. The recommended cuts are those that end below the jawline (bob), haircuts with a side parting and swept bangs, at eye level; as well as long layers with waves, which end in the tips themselves.

4. Celebrities: Cara Delevingne, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, and Reese Witherspoon.


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