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Tips to cut your hair yourself easily

More and more brave people dare to cut their hair in their own homes. A look at them! And it is not for less, because in addition to saving a fortune in hairdressing and achieving greater control over the length of your hair or bangs, you can easily make your hairstyle shine again with a fresh and completely different look. In fact, if your intention is not to make a radical change of hairstyle, in which case we recommend that you go to your trusted specialist to avoid possible catastrophes, put aside the pretense and become the real boss of “do it! yourself” with our tips Batiste!


How to cut your hair at home

Did you know that there are no big secrets or difficulties in learning how to cut your own hair at home? As always, we help you with the "essentials" that you should take into account, as well as other recommendations before you start. oh! And another piece of advice, tattoo our motto on fire: keep calm.


It is normal for you to feel a little scared the first few times you cut your hair on your own, but think that everything can be fixed since you are always on time for an express visit to the hairdresser. Above all, do not lose concentration and arm yourself with patience, it is only a matter of practice. You'll see how, as you get the hang of it, you'll see that it's all advantages.


 Ready To WOW?


  • 3 essential resources. A small comb, and some specific scissors for hair and our fingers, serve as a stop and, in turn, as a measure.

  • Mirror, mirror… Use two mirrors, the largest in front of you and the other behind you to be able to see both the front and the back of your head. For our sake, we better not miss anything at all.

  • Always have a spray bottle handy. It is vital to keep your hair moist while you cut your hair yourself at home. Use it whenever you notice that the scissors do not slide easily through your hair.

  • Well-lit environment. Whenever possible, we recommend doing the haircut in an environment with natural light. In his absence, a clear light will save the ballot.

  • Wash and comb the hair carefully. It is important that you take into account all the Batiste tips on how to wash your hair correctly before you start. Many of them will surprise you!

  • What if you don't have time to wash your hair? Don't panic! We recommend texturing your hair with Batiste dry shampoo, you will see that everything is advantageous. Discover them!

  • Forget the iron or the dryer. After washing, gently dry your fur with a towel. No dryers or other sources of heat, because you need your hair to retain moisture during the cut.


How to cut the ends of your hair yourself

As we explained in the post “Recover the vitality of your hair after the summer”, split and brittle ends are one of the biggest enemies of the health of our hair. Can you imagine what the best solution is? Indeed, attack them at the root! We recommend that you cut them lightly every two months. Find out how by following our step by steps!


  1. Wash and comb your hair, leaving a part in the middle.

  2. Gather all your hair into a ponytail and place it in front of your throat.

  3. With the help of sharp professional hairdressing scissors, we will begin to cut the split ends, perpendicular to the hair strand. To guarantee a healthy ending of the ends, we advise you to make a cut of at least one centimeter.


How to cut your own bangs


Are you tired of paying just to have your hairdresser cut your bangs? Dare with a fringe of the most in following these simple steps. Are you ready for the challenge? It's much easier than you think!


  • Wash and comb your hair. This time it is better than it is completely dry before taking the scissors. Style your bangs as you normally wear them or as you want from now on.

  • If you are cutting your bangs from scratch, define a triangle from your eyebrows and back towards the center of your head. The further the triangle extends back, the thicker the bangs will be.

  • Always cut upwards to finish the bluntest fringe. That is, instead of arranging the scissors in a straight line, cut pointing up. Keep in mind that one of the biggest mistakes we make when cutting our own bangs is cutting them too short. It is preferable that we make the cut in layers and, once we are satisfied with its length, that we continue shaping the result.


How to cut your own hair in layers


Do you know that more than one celebrity has ever resorted to this home hairdressing advice? Sounds amazing, right? Learn, from the hand of Batiste, to cut your hair in layers quickly and easily, without losing the glamor that characterizes you so much. We provide you with the necessary tricks to add more volume to your hair, benefiting from a scaled cut with really brilliant results.


  • Pull your hair up into a ponytail on top of your head. Keep in mind that the higher the ponytail, the more the scaling effect we make will be noticeable, and the less we will touch the length of the hair.

  • To make it easier for you, mark the piece you want to cut with a hair tie. Then cut it slowly, always with the help of sharp scissors, making sure that the line is completely straight.


And to give your hair even more body, you should try Batiste's Heavenly Volume. In this way, you will say goodbye to straight and graceless hair, and you will be able to show off your hair with extra volume and naturalness. And the best: it's instant, you don't have to spend hours with the dryer shaping or giving it the body you want to achieve. You won't be able to live without it!


How to cut your hair the same type of medium hair

Beware, scissors addicts! These hairstyles are for those lovers of strong emotions, who are not a bit afraid to cut their hair themselves and with a lot of practice behind their backs. Our favorite medium-length haircut is the asymmetrical bob.


  1. Prepare your hair with a dry and smooth finish, to better see the cut.

  2. Divide the hair into three sections.

  3. Cut the back part and match it in steps with the front ones.


As the asymmetrical bob is a more complex mid-length cut, we recommend the simple step-by-step of the influencer Sharee Anonuevo, she has stolen our hearts!


Let yourself be inspired by the Batiste universe

quality dry shampoo


And after passing all the tests to which we have subjected you, at Batiste, we want to offer you our selection of exclusive hairstyles and cuts for you. Get inspired by our gallery and tutorials, to shine with your own light.


If you are part of our brave commando, don't miss out on the 5 quick and easy hairstyles for short hair. If, on the other hand, you love your hair above all else, let yourself be seduced by our favorite hairstyles for long hair and learn how to get the most out of your hair.


On both occasions, it is very necessary that you prepare your beautiful hair, so do not miss our super guide on the use of dry shampoo and discover all its benefits! It is used by celebrities and influencers and has become essential in events of all kinds. What do you still not know?

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