Tuesday 12 July 2022

How to grow a pixie haircut and make it look good in the transition to the bob

If you decide on a radical change or short or garçon hair to start the season, learn from three experts how to make the transition from pixie to bob look flawless.

Many times, we do not dare to take the step when it comes to cutting our hair and opting for a change of look with short hair. However, every day there are more of us who take the step because there are many hair tricks that allow us to show off a transition from the pixie haircut to the sensible bob and that also looks good on us, with the hair always controlled and well combed. Three number one hair give us their infallible keys.


Lately, we can't stop seeing how transitional haircuts from pixie to bobs like mullets or bixies are an absolute trend. And it is that when the hair grows it can offer us unexpected styles that make the transition from short hair to medium hair very cool. Proof of this is all the celebrities who have recently switched to shorts and have let their hair grow with cuts that have gone around the world, Úrsula Corberó's pixie transformed into a mullet, or Florence Pugh or Adriana Ugarte's.


In addition to betting on a change of color for your hair that can make a difference, it is also important how to style it and we have asked hairdressers to reveal the best tricks for our short hair to grow and for it to look great and well-groomed in our transition to the bob.


As María Baras tells us, "there are two ways to let a pixie or short hair grow and that is to let the top layers grow, betting on a mullet-type cut with a more shaggy style, with shorter layers on top and when the layers are longer go for a bob haircut, squarer and removing the tails from the ends and leaving more weight below".


Styling and drying cream

When fixing your pixie cut in the transition to the bob, styling creams and a dryer are also very useful to shape your hair, and a texturizer to control volume... Baras also points out that if our hair is wavy, "we can make some twisted or turn some strands on the shorter sides and fix them with hairpins that when you release them, they will make marked waves and that the volume of the upper area, which is the most annoying when short hair grows, is more controlled ".


Hair Straightening Treatments

When we go from the mullet to the bob, organic straightening treatments also help a lot because if your hair is curly or it bulges easily, "they help a lot to reduce the volume," says Baras.


Wet effect

Going for a wet-look or slicked-back hair is another of the best options in the transition from short hair to long hair or medium hair. And in that sense, Gabriel Llano, director of the salon that bears his name, "it is key to apply product to control those unwanted volumes that appear when hair grows by combing or disheveling it to settle our hair at the point or in the area that most favor us."


Accessory your hair

When it comes to short hair and in that stage of transition to the bob, you can also wear your short haircut with the parting in the middle with straight and polished hair or with the parting to the side with a light toupee that stylizes the hair. face even with a barrette or hairpin. You can also make small braids, hide a couple of hairpins or go for headbands that clear the face and leave your hair in place.


Transitional Haircuts

Another point to keep in mind in this transition from the pixie to the bob haircut is that, as Isaac Salido, director of the homonymous salon, says, "cutting the lower and lateral part does not mean that we are going backward, we are simply giving time for the area to grow top of the mane and even with the rest of the hair.


From there we could go to the bixie haircut (halfway between the pixie cut and the bob) very short that does not cover the ear. And then we could touch up the cut until we get the desired type of length.

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