Wednesday 27 July 2022

What hazel hair color triumphs in spring-summer and why?

Hazelnut hair dye is one of the 2022 trends that favors all chestnuts because it brings light to their hair. And it is that, if you try this tone, you will love its rejuvenating effect and its easy maintenance.


When we dye our hair, we do it looking for a new look that is innovative and, at the same time, that continues to represent our personal style. With the dye, you get to change your look without having to cut your hair. Now, what is the hair color trend that will inspire you for sure? A look at street style and celebrities is enough to see which one prevails: the hazelnut color.


The trend hazelnut hair tone

This shade of brown could be defined between caramel and a very subtle blonde, giving the effect of light brown hair. Olivia Palermo, Selena Gomez, and Hailey Bieber are some of the celebrities who have chosen the hazelnut color for their hair, probably, in addition to being a trend, because of its easy maintenance.


How to maintain hazelnut hair color

Applying highlights to achieve extra luminosity does not require intense bleaching (as when you want light blonde tones). Also, if you opt for balayage highlights so as not to reach the root of your hair, you won't have to touch it up and the effect will be much more natural. Being a tone similar to your hair, leaving the root in the air is not a problem. However, the other option is to dye your entire hair hazel like Salma Hayek's.


This is confirmed by Santiago Agüero, a stylist at the Kevin Murphy firm: "everything will depend on the natural base. What we are going to do is lighten the hair with about two shades of natural hair, using the technique that best suits each person's style. From full color to a lighter mane, enhanced with some baby lights or balayage, the result will be more natural the more subtle the contrast between the base color of the hair and the tone applied."


To ensure that your hair does not become dehydrated after the treatment, you have to apply a moisturizing hair mask two to three times a week. With this, you will be able to keep your hair healthy, nourished, and shiny.


Benefits of hazelnut hair color

If you decide on this color it is because you want your hair and face to shine because the light that the hazelnut shade gives your hair is subtle but gives it a very elegant effect. You will see that with the movement and reflections of the sun, your hair will look radiant.

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